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It felt like I was ACTUALLY in an elevator!

Well, besides the bass solo, that felt like I was ACTUALLY watching the Weather Channel!

Naw though, it's good. Really pleasant to listen to, haha. ;P
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Oh yeah!
That's some nice jazzy thing! Lawlz! I guess it's would soung WAY better if it was a real sax!
But, I need to be constructive, though the whole song sounds great (I like jazzy songs!)

1. First sax solo ends a little brutal, I thought about making the guy (that plays sax) plays really fast in the scale and fade the solo out. Or maybe you wanted to put a whole note there (bar 13) instead of a quarter, 'cause the bar is incomplete (like you did on bar 37).

2. Bass solo is great, make it louder, fits perfectly!

3. You need to work on the end. To me, it sounds like you didn't have any idea what to do at the ending.

Keep writing though, you do a great job, listening to that song made me happy!
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The song is great but something that bothered me was how after the solos(eg. sax) there would be a couple of bars with just chords. Adding even a couple of notes can complement greatly.

Also, pleasecheck out my workin progress titled "how to continue this piece"