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Well, but a couple weeks since I posted last, I think? Finally got over some writers block of some sort and got another song done, fairly satisfied with.

I didn't really have a particular concept in mind writing this one, I just kinda let myself go freely in my style again finally. The final product, as the title reflect, started basically just giving me a feel of traveling around places for weeks aimlessly (ending up resulting in a unique breakdown kinda thing and a short solo for once, woo.), rather than a specific single image like my others sort of do (to me at least).

Again, like all before, the drums are pretty bad I'm sure, I suck at those. Again, those'll all be rewrote if recording time (money) ever comes along.

One thing I'm most interested in feedback wise is the whole 'outro' bit. What do you think of the whole lead section (chords, rhythm, etc) and also how much closure do you feel is there by that last note (well, notes)?

As always, thanks for any and all feedback and leave a link if you want me to crit something back for you! Thanks.

(I remembered the file this time. ;D)

Edit: Rewrote a bunch of the chords near the end and added a whole solo sort of lead, therefore making it 3 guitars...
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Thanks for the crit on mine.

It's probably personal preference but I didn't really like the chord sequence of the driving intro. Although I liked the bass intro. I thought the 10-13 slide sounded a bit odd too, maybe just gp though.

The 'slightly exotic' leads were pretty cool, and the 'back to driving' section felt a bit musically immature. If that makes sense, sorry if that sounds kinda rude. It just seemed sounded a bit basic. Nonetheless, I still felt the kinda 'driving' feel though, so good job on that. The basic play on the previous riff was a little dragged out, I think you could've done more with that. The tension build-up section worked fine, although again, I think it sounded a bit basic, some more interesting lead variations could be made since this is an instrumental.

The whole Lead 3 section was really cool though, I liked the chords, rhythm and the lead melody. Nice one. Lead 4 was fine, and I liked the breakdown. The recycled breakdown was very Protest The Hero-y, which isn't bad at all, I liked it. And same with the further recycling. The transition into 'another riff...' was really good.

The solo had some nice bits to it, but I didn't like some other bits of it too. I think you should do some more work on the solo, because it could be better.

The rhythm section after was really nice though, and same for when the other guitars enter. It was really layered, and it didn't sound cluttered with all the different melodies, it was really nice. However, I was a bit disappointed with the end, felt a little too abrupt. You should've dragged this section out actually.
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Critting as I listen,

The bass riff in the intro is really nice, didn't expect it.

Same with the driving intro, it almost shocked me as I didn't see it coming on the score but it's a great intro!

The intro leads are very nice, I love a good melodic lead with a whole load of slides, they really hit my G spot

The break is a nice change of dynamics, again the lead and bass line are really engaging.

The change in lead is very flowy and natural, and the "back to the driving" part is a really nice build up and a good riff.

75 is a nice kinda breakdown and change in tone, before pulling it up again.

You really know when to bring it back down again, the section at 103 is perfectly timed and the perfect length to release some tension before hitting you again.

Even more so with the drop and sudden hit at 111 great use of tension.

I like the rhythm of the breakdown, although I think with this melodic style you could have changed chords maybe once.

Returning to the lead is a really nice segue before that awesome breakdown. I love the energy and rhythm in it, and the lead is awesome, although, there is a whole load of musical tension in it, I really feel like it should go up to a G or something just to "resolve" it in my ears. If that makes any sense

145 is a good riff, nice melody, and the constant 8ths works quite well here.

The solo is nice for a first attempt, not as good as some of the leads, but your leads are really nice, so it's not a problem. I felt it could have been a bit longer

The clean outro has a great rhythm, really sweet use of 5/4 there. The guitar is really nice, some of my favourite guitar work in this piece.

Scrap that, the chordy solo part is my favourite!

The bass melody is nice, but gets a bit drowned out by everything else thats going. The "everything else thats going on" is really good however, so don't strip it down. Maybe have the bass melody in a stripped dow section that then goes in to the part at 167?

A really great piece, very well written. Also, would work perfectly as an instrumental, as there really is no need for vocals, it's got a great full sound without it It screams STS, but as you know, I love STS It still holds it own strongly however.
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Thanks again for the crit on my piece And I apologize again for taking so long to get back to you, I just got back in town.

The bass intro is great. I'm a really big fan of the way suspended 2nd chords sound, and there's no shortage of them anywhere throughout the song.

The first leads were great, as was the rhythm underneath. I felt like the rhythm guitar in the Little Different and Exotic Leads bit didn't quite work, though. It fits, but I feel like you could do something more with it. Little Different could stay as is, but when the drums kick in for Exotic Leads you could probably work in some lower harmonies for the rhythm.

The next few parts work great in my opinion. Leads 3 and 4 were fantastic all around, really great work there.

The first breakdown was tolerable but I wasn't able to fully appreciate it until you brought the second one in. At that point I really liked what you did with it, and the part after worked perfectly.

The solo reminds me of the first time I tried to write a solo. It's good, but it could be great if you were somehow able to make the notes in the solo relate to the rest of the song somehow. The outro was ace, really love all of the play between the clean chords and leads.

The ending could be stretched maybe two more bars, but other than that, this is a fantastic piece. Really easy to see the Scale the Summit influence, yet you still manage to sound original. I'd love to hear this recorded.