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I just wrote this entirely this morning, and to be honest, I'm pretty proud of it. However, a musician has the same relationship with their composition as a parent does to a child, in that they'll always see their beauty and strength before their perversions and weaknesses. Long story short, **** my opinion; what do you think? Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Oh, and one more thing.....


It won't work quite the same if you don't. If RSE doesn't work for you, or something like that, please tell me, so I know that your assessment of some parts won't be fully accurate.
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im not using RSE.... take that society. i thought it was wierd how you said that musicians love their songs as a child as i find my songs to be poop. also the fact that musicians get tired of their songs after a while.

the intro was nice, the layering of the three guitars was phenomenal. the drums and bass were a nice addition when they came in. i felt that guitar 1 was getting a bit repetitive at this point. sorry. the strings added nice atmosphere to the this section. i felt the strings and the guitar clashed a bit at 129 and im not sure why. it doesnt sound right to my ears but they arnt doing anything unorthodox. it sounded much better at 145 but i still hear a fuzzy note that sticks out. 161 was nice when the guitar comes back with the drums. i liked 177. guitar 1 doing the octaves added a nice melody to it. i didnt like the cymbal at 193, it annoyed the shit outta me. 225 was wonderful with the ensemble strings. i loved how it slows down. maybe it should fade out to? just an option.

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Due to your use of MIDI, you missed out on the epic bass distortion at the end. =P

Anyways, I found the problem with the strings; I'd actually thought a lot of the string parts sounded off, but couldn't figure out why. It turns out I'd been trusting GP too much. I set the piece to be in the key of D Major. For some reason though, whenever I tried to put in a D Major or A Major chord, it would tell me it should be minor. Seeing as I'm not used to drop D, and the difference in the tunings between the guitars and the strings got a tad weird to work with, I just trusted it's judgement; I guess that was my mistake.

Anyways, that's all been fixed, and updated in the OP.

Oh, and sorry about the cymbal during the outro; there's no way to make that sound okay in GP. However, in real life, it would have a much different sound; the sound in GP is just a result of the same triggers being tripped over and over, making it choppy, instead of the smoother sound a decent drummer on a real kit could give it.
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The only gripe I had about this song, and it's entirely GP fault, is the cymbals at 193. Other than that, everything was fantastic. I didn't use RSE so the bass outro sounded normal but didn't sound bad, by any means.

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