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What did you use as far as effects? I can't get the piano on my sounding that great. Or perhaps giving the file to see how to play it.
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In GP6 my settings are...

"Acoustic Piano - Stein & Sons"
Top 30 Amp with Treble 8 and Bass 9
Tape Delay with D-Time 3, Tape 0, Level 10 and Regen 5
Reverb on "Concert Hall" setting

Hope that helped =)
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Thank you for the crit. I liked this so much that I added it to my favorites on YouTube. Really mellow but still engaging. I would have ended it by returning to the idea that starts at 0:20. That part is really memorable.
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That was really nice man. I quite liked the main theme kinda thing where it's like a chord then 3 of the same high-pitched notes. The chord that struck at 1:45 was great, was a good change of tone that the song was needing.

Nice one
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Could you export a wav of it? GP6 isn't exactly popular around here
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