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Long time, no see, T&C. I've been experimenting with post-rock for some time. After letting my last experiment fester in my mind for a while, I am ready to bring this rough sketch of a song to the ears of this wonderful subforum.

It's not separated into sections. I've done this because I don't request a "breakdown" of this song in your crit. You can do one if you'd like, but it's not really what I'm looking for. I want to know how this song as a whole makes you feel. Does the instrumentation throw you off or attract you? Are you sedated by the piece or stimulated? Does it bore you or are you engaged in listening? Anything you'd like to tell me is well worth my time -- I appreciate any comment. You can tell me this in one sentence or a paragraph, I don't care, everything is valuable to me. I will C4C anything, and you may nag me about it daily if I'm slacking.

Like I said, some of it is rough. That's because I plan on upgrading from MIDI, so it's not in my interest to refine it just yet. If you'd like to tell where you think it is rough, go right ahead, because that will benefit me at a later date.

If you'd like a format other than GP5, please speak up.

Thank you to anyone who listens
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Just commenting as I listen...

-I think it'd be cool to add some background synth during the intro w/ the mandolin
-The sixteenth notes at bar 31 seem kind of random... maybe if they had a softer dynamic
-It comes together really nicely around bar 50
-If I were you, I'd finish off the song with a huge ending with all the instruments again, but that's just me...

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As a piece, it's very interesting. Some good things are happening.

It makes me feel... solemn. Like there's no hope for the future, but I'm happy with what I've done and I'll face it head-on. That tonicization of the B sounds A LOT like something Weezer would do Once the guitar comes in it starts sounding more like a movie soundtrack than anything else. I'd be very interested if you were to record this or render it somehow.

As for an actual crit on the music. The drop out at 61 was very sudden. It changed everything, and not in a good way. Maybe do a quick fade out that lasts like a bar and a half or two bars?

And the last chord is super duper cheesy I would just leave the G open and not do the chord.

I'm not sure if you were going for anything, but thats what I got.


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Being a person with extreme musical ADD, the intro definitely went on too long for me, though there's definitely people that enjoy that kinda thing on the other hand. I'm just bad at focusing that long and being able to tolerate so much tension, haha.

Although, even though it went on so long, I did enjoy it before that feeling came in for me, the melody and all is really nice. Drums come in and fit great, as does the bass.

When the guitar comes in it really makes it feel whole, a really good sound there and everything fits great. As DiminishedFifth said, definitely feels a bit like a movie soundtrack of sorts.

When it breaks off at 61, the whole section after is nice too with the violin and viola again.

After that, my whole music ADD kicks in again. At this point I'm feeling a need for a big section of sorts... haha. That's about all I have to say there.

Nonetheless, overall it's nice, love the overall feeling it gives and the main ideas are really great sounding (intro melody, violin/viola bits, clean guitar). My main thought on improving is simply adding more ambient bits throughout, some pads of sorts, maybe a second clean guitar just texturing even more, spice up the bass a bit. Sure you probably already have some of that in mind though, haha. (also keep in mind I'm not the biggest post-rock guy. I enjoy it and all but often it runs on too much for me to focus, so don't take my comments the most serious, heh.)

If you wanna crit back on something of mine 'Night' in my sig would be awesome, still never got an actual feedback post on it...
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