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Let's say I've been playing the guitar for 4 years now, but I'm not able to play a single song yet. Does that mean that I just suck? I had always believed it's because I only try myself at very difficult songs, but I've seen newer players nail some of these songs after a week or so, so maybe my perception of difficulty is quite flawed? I practice for a few hours every day and always many different songs at a time.
Seriously, even if I had only tried to play the hardest songs in the world, I'd at least need to be able to play something after 4 whole years, right?
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im not sure what your trying to play but i think your just not sticking to a single song before trying to play another
learn one song then move on to the nect one
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i have the same problem man. i can nail the first few parts of a song but then i get bored and start jamming. I cant play any entire songs by other people but i've got quite a few songs of my own that sound good that i can play great. I attribute it to adhd.
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It means your work ethic and practice technique need upgrades
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Yeah. you are doing it wrong. to start out, after learning the basics like chords, scales, and pentatonic scales for a month or two, you should be working on a max of 1 songs at a time for at LEAST a month or until you get it down. All while continuing to warm up with scales before you start your songs. then it gets faster and faster to learn songs because you build good technique. then it takes maybe a couple of hours for a song with only chords and maybe a couple of days to a week to learn a song with a solo. I took piano lessons for 12 years and guitar lessons for 4 years and both instruments used this style of learning: learn some new scales each week and practice 2-3 songs at a time. and for piano you might learn the same 2-3 songs for an entire school semester until you get them down immaculate/perfectly.

With your current style you will never progress beyond jamming with limited techniques, and most likely what you think sounds like good playing is really bad to a listener, since unless you record yourself and listen to it you will never really know how bad you are. It's like those bad singers on american idol who sound like garbage but to them they think they are good singers and should get to be on the show.

my first song was enter sandman (everything except the solo) 1 month
then I learned Black magic woman by santana (learned all of it) 2 months --this song helped me learn to bend pull off and hammer on. basically learn to solo
everlong foo fighters 2 weeks to learn rhythm
time of your life green day 2 weeks string skipping
fade to black took 3 months
mr crowley 6 months, but i played another song each month and this at the same time

and then from there you kind of just choose harder and harder songs. The problem with metal heads is they want to jump into an advanced song, they never learn it and they just suck. They are too childish to actually try something easier and outside their genre to start out with like a punk song or alt rock song to get basics down. I've met metal heads who played for years, suck at soloing can't play riffs and make fun of punk for being too easy, but they can't even play a simple greenday song or nirvana song.

So yeah. This isn't guitar hero. you can't just mess around. you need a structured practice regimen. or not you can just continue to suck. After 2 years you should be able to play just about anything. sorry but you are behind
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Well, when I look at songs like that, I usually practice the riffs or whatever for like 5-20 minutes using a metronome, and when they seem really easy, I decide to move on to something else, since I don't plan to play those songs to anybody anyway. Once I feel I could get something down, it stops being exciting to me. Of course the fact remains that I still can't play those songs after all.
But even with that mindset, I guess I should be able to play tons of songs "by accident" by now. So I don't know. I guess I'll just practice an extra few hours every day from now on. Or maybe I should just give it all up.

Nah, I'll just go record a couple of songs during the next months. Thanks a bunch.
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my tip would be to learn like 3-4 easy punk songs and try to play em in a row to the actual songs(like an mp3) this bulids up stamina and thightness(which is most importent if you play in a band). also you should play unplugged form now and then with complet silience(exept for the guitar!) so you can hear fix the faults you won't be able to hear if your playin distorted.
I highly recomend danko jones songs for stamina and tightness.
(i play the we sweat blood record about once a day)