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So I am writing a paper for my English 102 class about careers in the music industry. My question to all of you is: Why?

Are you personally for it or against it in your own life and what made you decide that?

What made you decide to keep guitar as a hobby instead of a career? Or vice-versa?

If you chose something else then a music major, what did you choose and why?

How long have you been working at this "something" else?

How long have you worked in the music industry?

If you are a music major, what are you doing now? How is it working out for you?

These are just some questions to get the conversation started; I am using this as a survey so the more input I have the better I will be able to present my results.

Also if someone currently in the music industry would be willing to give me an interview, via email, I would greatly appreciate it.
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I was looking on going into audio engineering but, they programs were not really strong where I live and it worried me as well as my parents. The closest 4 year program was in Lethbridge, Alberta (sorry if spelling is wrong) and it was too far away to risk. Now I am at Saint Mary's University studying commerce and running for them. I picked this route because I know if I do well I will have a much better chance at making a good living.
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i feel its my calling
in life to be a
its what i'm
meant to be
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I know it sounds crazy, but when I bought my bass, as soon as I tried it for that first time in the store, I knoew I wanted to switch from drums to bass...I still play drums, but I focus on Bass... I just get that feeling of doing something I was meant to do... Music is my life, when I think about it, almost everything i do is related to music in some way, even f it's just listening to music while I do it.
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I feel the same way tortilla. I have Computer Science degree but what I love the most if to play the guitar.