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Sorry I didn't introduce myself in an earlier post. My name is Joey. I'm a married, straight, white guy in my 40's. Been playing guitar since I was 12. Still playing and gigging. I'm also a bit of a tech geek.

I have the Tabs app on my Android phone and a rooted Nook Color.

On the Nook, there is a menu item in the Favorites that says Sync. When I pressed it it got rid of my favorites and told me I didn't have any. I thought it would sync with the web site? I also see a menu item for Play-Lists but no way to create Play-Lists.

On my phone, Droid Incredible, there is no sync option at all. There is also a Show Play-Lists but again no way to create one.

On the web site, I don't see an option to save a tab to Favorites any where or any indication of Play-lists.

How do you create Favorites and Play-lists that will be synced with my account on phone, Nook, and web?