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Hey there!

I have been playing guitar for about 5 years or so and have always used my friends computers to record songs on Garage Band. I do not own a Mac but a PC instead and I want to start recording my own stuff on my laptop.

I understand the concept of Guitar -> Adapter -> Computer Audio-In, but I want to know besides Audacity (which I find is a wonderful program) what other programs are out there that I could possibly download (zip files? torrents?) that could help me get a good guitar sound out of recording without having to use my amp? I know Pro Tools is a good program but is very expensive and I do not have any pedals at the moment because an ex band member broke my only pedal sadly.

Also is there any way to get Pro Tools for free?

Thank you!
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Shame on you, I buy all my software....

Anywho, Reaper is a solid alternative to audacity and it's legitimately free. In terms for amp software, I like Line 6's Pod Farm. The only hitch is that you'd have to spend some money on a line 6 USB device that you plug your patch cable into (Guitarport is the cheapest, I picked one up used for $40)
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I highly recommend REAPER. It is free (donation-ware), which means that you can get the trail version and after 30 days you'll still be able to use it, you'll just have a prompt that counts down to from 10 every couple times you start it up asking you to buy a license for it (which is cheap and will get rid of the countdown prompt).

REAPER, like Audacity, is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) except it is ALOT more functional and much nicer looking. For effects, you can download what are called VST's, which are like plugins that give effects, but also can be virtual instruments, compressors, amp simulators, etc. They can improve your quality a good bit.

Hope this helps.
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If you know where to search and look for things, everything is free.. Cubase is great, but if you want to stay legit Reaper is your best choice. It's really good though.

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It is against the rules for anyone to advise you how to illegally acquire software.

Also, unless you have a kickass sound card, I wouldn't recommend you plug into it or it won't sound very good even if you have a good recording program, because most sound cards aren't meant to record in high quality. You'll want to get an audio interface.
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Amplitube is great. It's expensive, so that might be an obstacle.

PS. Ditto to the first post - shame on you for pirating software...
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pirate bay?
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A lot of audio interfaces come with versions of software like cubase or protools