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Not to toot my own horn, but i am a decent high school guitarist, my school usees me for all the musical functions im allowed to be used on. ex show choir, mass, talent shows, etc. Eveeryone kinda knows who i am as well as several other decent musicians in the school. I play with college guys alot, and they really like my playing.

id kinda like to learn to play with high school kids though, however, most of the more skilled players dont want a band really its kind of seen as cheesy, we just kinda use eachother for shows when we need em. so most of the kids that actually want a "band" are bad other than me and my drummer. i dont wholly no how to tell the other kids no nicely because they are decent kids.

the strongest pusher of this idea is a certain bassist. we kinda have similar musical tastes, but hes been playing bass for like a year, and drums for awhile but hes not very good. how does one say no to people like this who are good friends?
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Just stop being elitist and let him play, if he can only play root notes along with your riffs let him. It might be what you need. Also people tend to learn a lot more from playing with others, so he might get better. I started playing with people after 6 months of playing guitar by myself and learnt a lot quicker by watching others.
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I don't think everyone in the band has to be a musical genius. If you've already got complex drums and guitar then a simple bass line might work well, depends on what your after really. The best way for him to get better would be for him to play with better musicians, such as yourself.
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If you like the guy and he's got a sense of rhythm then stop being a douche and give the guy a chance. Musicians develop the more they play with others, you never know, he may just need that kind of environment to learn and become better than you.
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i think you should give him a chance, but be really honest with him. tell him that he needs to develop a solid work ethic to get better, because you're not going to do anything half azzed. tell him its not about glory and so you can tell people 'hey, im in a band.' tell him he needs to take his craft seriously and make legitimate strides to get better. if he doesn't, then you can't do it.

challenge and inspire him, and if he doesn't rise to the occasion, tell him sorry but wasting time in music is the worst thing one can do.
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Just teach him to play bass, thats what I did with my band.
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I feel ya, you don't want to play with someone who is still figuring out their instrument.

However it sounds like you're having problems finding people to jam with right now (probably because you're limiting yourself to people in your school) so you don't have much of a choice of bandmates.

I'd keep him as a jam buddy, and make it clear that it's just jamming "for now" whilst you look for other people to jam with as well.
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yea im a sophmore and im looking for a drummer... only problem... EVERYONE IN DAYTON IS TO POOR TO BUY DRUMS!!! what do i do?
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yea im a sophmore and im looking for a drummer... only problem... EVERYONE IN DAYTON IS TO POOR TO BUY DRUMS!!! what do i do?

Start up a charity for drummers or look harder.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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I don't let anyone in my band/join someone elses's band unless they are capable at their instrument and they've proven it to me. But, I'm also a lunatic and obsessive (fun to play with though). I'm currently involved in 6 musical projects right now ranging from bands, to two person acoustic projects, to managing, and what I can tell you is that you should never just let people in because it's hard to tell them no. It's a bad, bad, bad idea. BUT, sometimes it is necessary when the pool of musicians is dry (and more specifically, the pool of competent bassists is always rather dry) to take on someone who's not as qualified as a TEMP-musician (temporary if you're slow). You have to remind them when you hire them, and then often afterwards that they are temporary until you find someone who suits the position better. If you're good with you're words, you can keep yourself from offending them and make them think they're doing you a favor and they'll be happy to have something cool to do for a while. And who knows, it is possible that they may come around to be what you need, especially since they may work extra hard to prove to you they belong on as a permanent musician.
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i kind of know what he means...there a re people who think they rock but just dont. the lead guitarist of my first band (we used to take it in turns to play lead) couldnt play the pull off hammer on in super massive black hole and the drummer thinks theres no difference between staring on the 3 or on the 4...

im not expert but you have to be of a certain level that you dont slow theothers down