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I was given an old Crafter FX-550EQ which I am near to the end of cleaning up and putting together.

It didn't have strings so I'm about to fit - easy enough I thought but now that I have tried I have a question.

It doesn't have pins like a normal acoustic - instead the strings thread into the real of the wood that holds the saddle. This would has a groove at the back that the rings at the ends of the strings rest in.

My question is what orientation should these rings be in - they appear to fit any way

(i) So the that ring is parallel with the soundbox

(ii) So that the ring is perpendicular to the soundbox

(iii) Doesn't matter

Whilst it appears to fit either way, I'm keen not to do any damage should there be a correct and incorrect way.


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The ring should be parallel with the soundbox.