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#1 13 and i want to start guitar. my main inspirations are dave mustaine, metallica, pink floyd and eric johnson. after hearing there music i just think "SHIT I WANNA DO THAT" i dont know hat guitar i want (buget 230$) or what amp buget 70$. i know thats not alot of money...any suggestions on what to get and how to start out? thanks.
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a lot of companies make a combo pakage that comes with the guitar, amp, cables, picks and everything else a beginner may need.

this was the electric gutiar I bought. the guitar is good, the amp could be better but it's good for a person just starting out (plus it's $100.01 cheaper than your budget).

eDit: I had small hands back then lol
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Hi there, I wrote a comprehensive guitar course designed specifically for the electric guitar! This has just been recently opened to the public (within the last month). I really think that the course could help you get to the next level on the guitar. Take a look at:


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