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hi all, i new here, i hope you dont get asked this alot, and if you do im sorry...

ive messed about on the guitar for year, learnt a few songs, riffs, but never taken it seriously although ive waned too ive just never been sure where to start.

i can play cords, and like i said a few riffs but thats it, i dont know scales, or techniques. im looking to learn the theory and crack this ever illusive cookie rather then just dream about it... i find the whole topic very confusing and could really do with some pointers in the right direction / what to learn. cheers all.
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get guitar pro, all the scales are in the program and you can learn them. or get the guitar toolkit app for your ipod touch if you have one. if not, guitar pro. you need to know many different scales to play different styles
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Hello target, very nice to meet you. I would definiately recommend Guitar Pro. It helped me a lot over the years. Believe it or not, I just got done writing a guitar course that seems perfect for you! I just recently opened it to the public (within the past month). The course focuses on everything you seem to want to know. I have a specific topic on all of the techniques avalible on guitar, as well as riffs, licks, and tabs included. I hope you will take a look at:
*removed* Please feel free to press the Contact Me button located on the side if you have any questions.
I hope I can help you experience all the guitar has to offer! Good luck!
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this might sound silly but where can i get guitar pro?
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I think the problem is we have too much choice
Im 30 so not a old geeza! but when I trained, I had no choice but to learn scales so I could work out purple haze etc by ear and theory.

Lots of great stuff out there but what you need is to get the blinkers on and go for it!

Scales, learn Pentatonic positions 1st get the fretboard roadmap book
Theory get the "pink" book by Eric Taylor all tried and tested.
perhaps get a guitar teacher