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Hi folks, just thought I'd share with you my recently finished (about 30 minutes ago) first project. A couple of pics of the finished build below, if you want to check out the full build progress, hit up

My next project: buy some strings so I can try the ****er out.
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Beautiful mate! Really great job with the carving.
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did you get the body from ash or make it yourself?
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That's lovely! Great work dude
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Where are the controls?
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+1. This man knows his ****.

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Not even a switch though?

I can understand not having pots, but missing out on that neck pickup tele sound breaks my heart.

I have a bass wired straight to the jack, and I think it's good to have someway to kill the signal. I just built a killswitch pedal, but a volume knob works better if you're gigging also.
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Yep, wired straight into the jack. You're right about the neck pickup salgala, it was a bit of a trade-off between simplicity and sound. I did wonder about having a killswitch between the bridge pickup and the jack - something I can always add later if I feel the need. Most tonal stuff, other than the pickup selection, can be varied using pedals or amp.
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Hey Boysie8 good to see some other kiwi guys on here, quick question about that tube pedal you made that's on your tdpri thread, im guessing its got a 12au7 valve in it? If so where'd you get it? Im doing a pedal build too and having trouble finding them anywhere in NZ except for used ones on trademe

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That one was actually a second-hand ECC83 I think, the equivalent to a 12AX7, which I picked up from trademe. I have bought a couple of NOS 12AU7's for another pedal (Matsumin Valve Caster), which I got from a Chinese manufacturer on eBay. (Sorry I can't be more specific)