Hoping this is the right place to post this, if not please tell me and i'll move it.

Essentialy, i'm wiring p90/humbucker/p90, all just 2 wires.
Im setting it up with a 3 way standard les paul style switch, 3 tone controls, one for each pickup and a master volume.
Its kinda bad because im a tech myself but for some reason cant get my head around this, its most likely pretty similar to a strat wiring and quite simple but i just can't get it.

So please any help with this would be brilliant. Thanks in advance.
Three pickups on a regular 3-way toggle? That won't work, because the three positions are pickup one, blend, pickup two. You'll either need to use a 5-way Strat-style switch, or use the three way for two pickups and have a mini toggle to enable/disable the third.
Cool, cheers
I've moved it over there and added the switchng i'm looking for.
I am having a similar problem. Just had a custom Warmoth made and I have 3 humbuckers with 3 tone, master volume and a 2pole 6way rotary switch. Just finished the soldering and 3 of my 6 setting work and none of the tones. I have scoured the internet for a wiring diagram but have only found things similar so I kind of had to wing it with little success. I need help.