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Well honestly I been coming to UG for a long time now looking and finding tabs...while I love the fact they are easy to find and that some have multiple tabs for variants in key...I do find that some are innacurate with the songs while listening to them..I play along with the studio versions for timing and such... I am in a Southern Rock /Country/80's rock kinda band we do a lot of covers...but all in all most everything i get in the UG tabs area is as close to or as accurate as I find. That being said, I am not attempting to bash or otherwise bust anyone out...but please after tabbing a song note on said song if it is in the original key or if it was transposed. It is hard to figure out sometimes when its only a half step or so off if it is correct with the studio version of the song or not...If it is not too much trouble, is what I am saying.. Anyways Other than that one particular gripe , I have nothing else negative to say..I hope soon to post some tabs of my own but learning covers has taken up a lot of my time for the past 3 months..but as soon as i get time to add a few I will.. Enough said.....Thank you for allowing use of the tablature and also aloowing musicians like myself ( who cant read sheet music for $hit) to have a place to find the songs I am looking for... LOVE IT MUCH... Thanks Again and Good day to all...
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Oh and 1 quick question...where can I post links to some original material I been working on ??
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Hey Steve!

On your profile, you can upload MP3's my good man!

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Hey, I'm Steve, too!

I just wanted to share that!
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lol good to see people with good humor...awesome...oh ok well i got another Q then...when I looked at octavers all I saw was the ones that would give you a certain range..I wanted one that gives you the actual one octive up from the note you are there one ? ( I havent used but one kind its on a boss effects pedal ) but I cant set it for a solid octive above or below for that matter..anywho ...suggestions ?