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I liked most of the song, the bass parts looks great. They look like things I play in jazz band almost. Guitars look great to me as well. The guitar from the beginning to 17 sounds nice, I like it. I also love the way that everything sounds together at 62 till the end. As I don't know drums, I won't comment on them.

Onto the keyboard/organ. I liked the left hand very much. It sounds catchy. Especially in the beginning. I don't like the right hand part where you have B with Bb. I don't feel like it works with the Cm the left hand is playing. I get that your going for dissonence, but this seems like a little much. Maybe a C and a Bb together, because then you get a Cm7. That way its also a 2nd apart instead of a b2nd/#1st apart. I do like the jazzy sound though.

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im not one for long crits so uh, yeah the intro chord progression is good but it goes on forever and the dissonance is a bit much but thats just fun. I dont know if there are suppose to be vocals on top of all that but. The whole thing is like 3 chord progressions with different leads
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That is one weird song dude. the intro is really first the dissonance bothered me a litle, but after a while I really liked it. the bass parts are really cool.
The guitars add a lot to the whole thing, you really nailed those leads.
Those keyboards are pretty good too, especially the left hand. I'm loving that chord progression.

Overall, the song is really good. Wouldn't mind having it longer, the atmosphere you set is perfect for what it is. Good job dude.
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