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Holy crap. It starts of as a big fat rollercoaster of madness. It's a bit too much for my taste, but I must say that you have chosen the notes well. I've heard other chaotic songs but they really overdid it.You didn't. Cool transition at bar 44. Bar 50 is insanity. It's really intense and it almost begs me start breaking things. That isn't a bad thing though! As insane as it seems, I do think it sounds pretty wicked. The solo ends abrupt though. Perhaps a bit too abrupt. Bar 90 is cool man. Sounds crazy! The melody at bar 107 is very well known but I don't know what it's called.... but it sounds pretty cool. It almost starts to sound like some sort of video game theme to a dark lord who sits on his throne. Eating bats. The section after that section is really crazy. Bar 138 is great! I love this kind of sound. Sounds good, keep it in. And there's the end.

Pretty okay, I won't bash the super chaotic things cos I'm not a dude who likes the extremely dissonant things but.... it's pretty decent I think. A tad long though. Perhaps shortening it wouldn't be bad advice.