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Wait...whats a thread? what am i doing? is this a post? How do you make tabs??? IM SO CONFUSED! SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IS HAPPENING!
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Dude. This feels like spam. lol. But if it isn't...

A tab is a structured form of ASCII art that allows you to read guitar notes in a dumbed down notation... :P A tab simple presents 6 strings (upside down) and has numbers placed on them in various places (where you put your fingers). In order to write a tab, you need Notepad...Check!
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Aw... come on.

thread (noun) - a topic started on a forum by a member, usually to discuss an idea, show something made by the poster, or show something that the poster finds amusing

post (noun) - a message posted on a topic by a member providing input to the discussion

tab (noun) - a musical arrangement made for stringed instruments that shows the fret and string used to play a specific part in a song instead of traditional musical notation

Look around the forum, the tab database, and download Tux Guitar or Power Tab (or buy Guitar Pro) and you'll get the basics down.

Unless you're spamming...
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