Oh wow. For some reason I was expecting something really...mediocre, but this is really good. I love it and I really want to hear the rest.
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Love the intro. Its cluttered but the notes ring well together.
When it kicks in at bar 17 is really wicked...nice harmonies with the arpeggios (bar 18 and 20)
The next section is nice too, it transitions well. Excellent use of chords. When the arpeggios kick in again though, it sounds hectic. Maybe don't have them ring out as much.

Well it's a good song!! So finish it.

I liked the tone of the song, the intro just gave off a good vibe, and the breakdown bit after worked nicely. The section just before the intro came back in seems like it should've been a chorus, I just felt it didn't really sound like a chorus. But it was a nice section.

While the change of pace for the next breakdown was good, it felt really generic. I wasn't a fan of the rhythm just because it felt like I've heard it a million times. And I think you should try going up an octave or down an octave for the melody because throughout the song so far you're using a single area of notes so it starts to get a bit stale as it sounds a bit same-y, if you get me.

Really good stuff so far though, work on the last breakdown bit you've got and keep on working on this. I'm a bit curious though, what happened to hating 4/4 and not really knowing how to write drums and bass?

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If you could comment specifically on my bridge section to the interlude as I don't really like it and I dunno if it works. As well as telling me what you think of the whole song of course.