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Here's a song I've had around for a while but haven't uploaded for some reason. It's an instrumental and clean for the most part. It's also one of the first songs I've written all the way through and don't hate. So, just tell me what you think, if there's anything to improve on, etc. C4C and everything. I'd prefer if y'all listen with RSE if possible.
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Nice job man, I really enjoyed that outro section

EDIT: Actually yeah, to go off what Tarbosh said, the repetition could be made a lesser problem by adding layers such as a strings track or a synth pad.
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Good progression and all, but I feel like you could have done way more with it than you did, man. Maybe just add some synths and pads and the like, maybe a flute or something somewhere, something to give it more body. It just sounds kind of empty. Atmospheric stuff should be really thick sounding. Also, I think you should vary up the progression every now and then. Really nice outro solo, though.

Just work on making it sound less thin.

Crit mine? I know it's a bit old, but I have been working on a million new things at once, haha.