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I have this little goal of playing acoustic sets at local pubs, bars etc, I’m not really bothered about getting paid, a few beers would be great, I’ve come to this later in life so I’m a little hesitant and massively nervous.

So for ages I’ve been trying to think up a balanced set list, songs I like to play and also ones that would go down well in a pubs and bars on a Sunday afternoon/evening. I come from a 80’s and 90’s metal background with loads of 70’s rock in there too but for the last few years I’ve been listening a lot to grunge. Now I know the “normal” pub goer doesn’t want to hear Rape Me over a class of mild on a Sunday night and there’s my problem, I don’t want to play stuff I don’t like because frankly I couldn’t be motivated to practice songs I don’t like.

I’ve always been drawn to songs that you’d never expect to be played on an acoustic and I have good acoustic versions of The Bucket, Zombie, High and Dry and a few others which always so down well in BBQ’s and parties but how far can I push it for the rest. Do I go with the flow and stick with the usual Foo Fighters, new Kings of Leon or can I push it to my version of Creeping Death, Ace of Spades, some Linking Park, Blink 182 etc? In your experiences how would these go down in a general pub gig?

I’ve often thought there was a little gap in the market for older, unusual songs for the 30 something audience but then again, what do I know?
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Play the songs which make you happy. It seems all you want out of the gig is for the audience to be attentive and what better way to get an attentive audience than playing something completely different and unexpected. Something like Ace of Spades is bound to get a positive reaction!
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you can push it as far you want, I think those covers would be taken in well by an audience, just make sure that they are still recognised
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I'm in a hard rock band with a similar sort of style and while we usually play as a full band we once got asked to do an acoustic covers gig. We didn't go down very well, but I think it was our fault. I think by keeping the songs the same they lost out because they are designed to have other parts in to fill them out. We did paranoid and smoke on the water and our reception was casual at best.

I think if we were to do it again then unless the crowd was distinctly hard rock based then I would alter the songs.

Ultimately though it comes down to what you want to do. We were also overshadowed because the girl who went on before us was very good at singing this style of music. It's not our primary thing. I'm sure you'll be fine though.
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listen to a classic rock station for two hours, tell me what you hear, or I can do you one better, I'll tell you before you take up your valuable learning time. you will hear classic rock and grunge, yep nirvana, soundgarden, pearl jam, stone temple pilots, they are all played on classic rock stations. In my experience I have found that grunge and classic rock tend to really wow over the crowd at the bars round my town on a sunday afternoon. honestly rape me would probably go over pretty well, as long as you can actually perform it.
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I think it'd be cool to do some hard rock/metal covers acoustically. I've always wanted to do an acoustic cover of Pantera's "Cemetary Gates".

Some songs translate better than others, especially depending on their complexity and how melodic they are.

I'm not a fan of grunge, tho. JMO.