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This is another piece continuing in the same vein as and , however ehancing the chromatical approach a bit further, and drifting into rhythm motives circling overlapping between the instruments. Also, the "contrabass" track 3 represents a cello, I just used the contrabass sound for the melody line. The drum track represents, as always, a chopped up Amen Break. Also, this piece is notably shorter than the other pieces mentioned above, so don´t hesitate to take a listen!

This piece is not intended for RSE, so please listen to it with RSE turned off!

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I do quite like these Amen Break/breakcore pieces that you've arranged. They have an air of professionalism to them that you don't see often here on the forum.
I would imagine that you're going to record them soon no?

This one was a good deal short that I imagined, but I guess that's why it's a WIP. Overall, I find it to enjoyable in a lounge sort of way. Not something that I would actively listen to, but something that I reflect upon when the time is right.

I must say that a bit more percussion and rhythmic format variation might go a long way. I have to listen to the song multiple times to really get familiar with it. Perhaps you should disregard that advice though.
I think the density of the sound gives it a certain touch of intrigue.

A good effort. It would be nice to see it fully developed.
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Bar 1-8: So far I'm digging it. I love the rhythm pattern on the guitar, very interesting. And the acoustic bass really supports the guitar, listening to it closely it sounds great. My only complaint is the very last bar (8), the "slide out downwards". It might sound better on a guitar (I'm a bit too lazy to try it), but I like it without that.

A: I like it, very catchy and jazzy. The only thing I don't like is bar 12, it sounds off. The C# note sounds off on track 3, either that or it's the rhythm. Other than that, it's great. And maybe it's just the style, but the drums feel a bit fast for me, I'm not too familiar with jazz-fusion so, that might just be the style. :P Or once again, it'll sound better on the recording.

B: Overall I'm liking it this part too. The contrabass notes sound a bit off by bars 23 and 24. I thought it was really cool how you did staccatos (Or whatever you wanna call it) on the percussion, I gotta remember that. But I kind of like it without the stops.

C: I love this part. It has that perfect hint of creepiness to it while maintaining a jazz feel to it. I was worried about the contrabass not being a strong instrument (Or it's a cello, right? You're just using that sound?) but it really picked up in this part. Great work!

Bridge: Eh, this part was kind of weak after C to be honest. The notes didn't feel right at times, either in the guitar or the contrabass. One of them needs to change at times so it doesn't kill the other instrument. Like in the last bar, 41, the contrabass has a slide down that doesn't work with the the G# on the guitar. I don't know, could just be me.

B: See above. :P

A2: I like the extra notes you put on the guitar, is that the difference?

Outro: I liked this, the rhythm pattern was interesting and it was a strong point to end the song on.

Overall: Great work on the song! I really liked it. I think it might sound better when it's recorded, MIDI doesn't always do songs justice. Keep up the good work!

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Intro is very nice, although sometimes jazz becomes too off putting for its own good. But, I do the same thing, and all jazz dissonance clears if you accept the fact that it "Just is" and ignore all subjectiveness. That being said, this isn't the most dissonant jazz Ive ever heard, so if I gave the wrong impression...

Very nice piece overall, and many of the melodies are really awesome. But it seems to lack something that the average listener could grab a hold on. It also doesn't have much difference amongst the piece, and becomes a bit homogenous, although that creates something thats easy to listen to.

45-48 and the outro are probably my favorite measures, contrast and resolve wise.

Ive got some jazz stuff that I'd like your opinion on, but I don't like to post incomplete pieces that I can see a definite finish in. So heres the best I can do for the moment. If you have any other jazz pieces though, Id gladly crit them via email if you were to crit some of mine.
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Didn't listen to your previous songs, I'm just going to write this as I listen, so it might be a bit of stream-of-consciousness-mess, but I hope it'll be helpful.

That is a nice jazzy intro, I'll just have to tell you up front, I'm not into jazz, and it has been a long time a go that I heard a jazzpiece, so some of my advise is going to be crappy. Anyway, I have arrived at part C, I like the evilish kind of melody that is going on here, the bridge afterwards is nice, I like the second ending thing. Part B is okay, I like part A2, perhaps you could have done a bit more with the drum in the end. Although the drum sounded a bit strange to me when I first heard it, it fell in it's place as the song progressed, and seeing as this is probably something you'd have to hear played instead of guitar pro trying to do it. Giving it another listen, in hopes of seeing if I have some more advice for you, this time I turned the volumes of the other instruments except for the Bass a bit lower, because it felt like nice stuff was going on, but can't really hear it on my laptop speakers. I like what you did with the bass at part C, the walking bass-line things are cool. I like how you keep the piece "moving" and clear without really playing chords or stuff, like how it's basically just three instruments doing this Counterpoint thing which turns out really well and rounded, I'm not too sure on some note choices, since I'm not really a Jazz guy, but they just sound really solid to my ears so if you dig it it'd say, you have got yourself a nice and solid song.

If you feel like critting something for me, you could have a listen to this song: , but I'm not sure if it's in your genre.
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