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I searchbar'd "math rock" and didn't find anything, so I was curious to see if I would be ripped to shreds if I started a thread.

Lately I have found out a multitude of freakin awesome bands via the power of teh interwebs, and I was 110% blown away by Animals as Leaders especially, and in succession, bought their album and their single. I also found a genre new to me by the name of "Math Rock", which seemed to be associated a bit with post-rock and instrumental rock too. Then I found all these sweetass bands such as, but not limited to:


Do Make Say Think
The Fall of Troy (I suppose they're really mathcore, but w/e)
Ghosts and Vodka
Giraffes? Giraffes!
Maps and Atlases
Minus the Bear (more like alt rock though, really)
The Redneck Manifesto
Tera Melos
This Town Needs Guns
Toe (most like post-rock)
American Football
The Shipping News
June of '44
Monster Machismo
Don Caballero


And once again, AAL. (which is really Progressive jazz classical metal-electronica fusion with a generous heap of classical guitar styles)

And as I found more of these bands, I realized how few people knew them, and how hard it is to get a hold of the music, even illegally (esp. Planets, Piglet, etc.) and how I couldn't find any tabs either, not even here on UG.

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EDIT: added suggested bands
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You're only focusing on modern math rock.
But here's more for the list:

American Football
The Shipping News
June of '44
Monster Machismo

And more. If this is gonna be an official math rock thread, then might as well have a running list of bands that can be classified as math rock.

Math rock also made its first appearances in the mid to late 1980's. It's a pretty old genre.

It's also amazing.
I like threads with lists. Then I get to feel hip and cool when the bands I like aren't on them.
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Im loving Bygones alot. The first album that really turned me onto math, took a while to sink in then I was just blown away. Since then Tera Melos have been blowing my mind. If you want a pretty good place to go for a lot of mathy music, check out the label, Sargent House. Its home of Omar Rodriguez Lopez (from Mars Volta) and his solo projects, but has an insane amount of other great stuff on their label.

Oh and Zach Hill needs to be added to this list. He has some solo stuff. Oh and Carson Mcwhirter is an insane math guitarist that plays with Hella and Zach Hill I believe. Check em out.
I love Slint and Polvo. I've only heard a little bit of Maps and Atlases and Do Make Say Think, but I really enjoyed what I heard. Ghosts and Vodka is good too. I really only started listening to them because of they're name, but I'm really glad I did :p
I don't know if you can really qualify them as math rock, but Tosin Abasi (the guy from AAL) was in a kinda metal core band called Reflux. But they have some math elements too, and are worth checking out. I like math rock, but sometimes I feel like it gets too cerebral. I like some hardcore elements, or metal or whatever, to leaven the math-yness of the music. Oh and also the Dillinger Escape Plan is a pretty great math-core,or whatever, band.
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Hey! Check out The Speed of Sound in Seawater! They're probably the chillest band I listen to, but I love em. And hey! Their entire freaking discography is on bandcamp for free, so what do you have to lose? Well, besides time, but you're losing that anyway.
I've recently gotten into some math rock also.
Kind of a too broad term though really.

A cool band that has a little influence from it is The Progress.
Also, any other band that Mike Kinsella (the guy from American Football is in.)
This includes:
Cap'n Jazz
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does anyone know of any bands really similar to monster machismo that have vocals????