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I've been listening to a ton of Snow Patrol lately and maybe this song will reflect on that. I've been meaning to try something a little different.

The names are just crap(Song name, Subtitle(inside joke), and band name) so yeah, that's not our band name haha...

But yeah, I wrote this song in like 2 or 3 hours right now. Haven't had a chance to fine tune it but, as always, i'd appreciate some feedback, some tips, or anything.


I will c4c as stated on title.
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Definitely not bad for it's genre.

The first eight bars are pretty bland. My personal attempt at adding something without detracting from the buildup that it leads into was, on the first measure, have the synth play 17th fret B, 16th fret high e, as a ghost note/fade-in. It adds a bit of ambiance, in my opinion

I really like how it sounds once the synth comes in. It's simple, but pleasant. The distorted fade-ins are a nice addition as well.

In the part starting at measure 41, I feel like the drums should have eighth notes on the hi-hats, not quarters.

For the outro, I feel like you should have a track with an acoustic doing the same powerchords as the guitar, and set that one to not fade out, so it fades to just the acoustic playing the chords. I didn't try it, but it's just a thought.

Overall, the song's pretty upbeat; it's simple, but I enjoyed it.

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