I wanted to see who else here likes afrobeat. Ir's one of my favorite genres, so groovy, and socially relevant as well. For those who are unfamiliar with afrobeat, it was created by Fela Kuti and Tony Allen(the drummer for his band). It is a mixture of jazz, funk(James Brown style), Nigerian High Life, and traditional African rhythms(of the Yoruba tradition I believe). Some artists I recommend:

Fela Kuti
Femi Kuti
Seun Kuti
Tony Allen
Chicago Afrobeat Project
Antibalas (aka The Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra)
The Souljazz Orchestra (definitely not pure afrobeat, but it's apart of their music)
Mr. Something Something
Me and my Jazz band performed No agreement by Fela Kuti last year, it was incredibly fun.

I haven't been listening to afrobeat lately but I will definitely check the songs you linked.
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Right on man. I figured not many people on here would listen to afrobeat, it's definitely something you have to find. Live shows are incredible though, I think as far as fun and dancebility(is this a word?) it is second only to trance/psytrance. I'm going to see Chicago Afrobeat Project on 3/26 for a free show they are doing at University of Wisconsin at Madison "Celebrating Peace Corps in Africa" for 50 years. I'm excited, I saw them on 4/20 a few years ago and they killed it. Cool guys too.


Oh, also to any drummers that read these forums, please check out Fela Kuti and Tony Allen (Fela's drummer, he later went solo). He is, in my opinion, the greatest drummers to ever live. After he left it would take two and sometimes more people to fill his place.
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I'd like to add Chico Mann to the list of recommendations. Some very good cuban afrobeat with synths. Its one of the dudes from Antibalas, I believe.
Thanks for the recommendation C&B, i'll definitely check him out. I'm just hoping to turn people on to some righteous music that is relatively unknown, but oh soo groovy haha
Fela Kuti is amazing, his sound is so great, it's just the perfect combo of jazz and funk, my dad and I both love him.
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Bumping because there's not enough Afrobeat love on UG.

One of my tutors has played with a lot of Afrobeat/world music outfits. Such good music, criminally overlooked!
This mesmerizing song is one of my later Afrobeat favourites: Orchestra Poly-Rythmo - Gbeti Madjro (Apparently youtube-links are not allowed, you'll have to search for it yourselves.)