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Here are a few song's Im writing, of course Between the Buried and Me inspired, and C4C

P.S. Works have been transcribed from tux guitar, some mistakes may have formulated.
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Listened to both, couldn't open the GP5 files, had to go with 4 ones.

First song, the melody is preety amazing, though it has way too many sweeps. not that its a bad thing, but not my cup'o'tea. they are well written though.

My favourite part is definitly the bass, it just adds so much to the song.

The transitions seem natural and everything fits pretty well together, especially that intro.

by the way, wtf is up with those time signatures :P

Second song:

the intro annoyed me a litle, even more after the second listening.

The techy part that followed was much better, awsome riffs.

The part after that is good too, though you could try and see if it sounds better with longer lasting chords (sorry if english fail here). I have my doubts with that open hi-hat. try a ride bell and see how it goes.

Overall, liked the first song better, just PLEASE make it longer. Good songs, bra
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I lol'ed.

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Through measure 20 of the first one I loved. The sweepy bit at 21 and every time after seems like 'too much' to me. Everything else in that section isn't bad. Section at 30 seems sounds awkward, like your forced yourself to put something in 7/8 even though you didn't have the idea for it or something. Just jumpy in an awkward way. Measure 38 is awesome, 39 again feels awkward following it...

Overall on that one, lots of good ideas and potential, definitely should keep going with it.

Second one, I didn't really enjoy the volume swell intro, it was bleh. Sections 10-34 were all great, the fast paced BTBAMish verse didn't work for me after though. Felt unnatural. =/

Good bit of potential again, not as good as the other one though IMO.

Both are great starts though, as I said before, definitely keep going with it. ;o
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