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I apologize if this is in the wrong section but here goes:

I'm really after the tone Abbath gets on the albums At The Heart of Winter and Sons of Northern Darkness. It doesn't have to be perfect, but in the ballpark.

Also, does anybody know what tuning he uses? I'm thinking just standard tuning but maybe a whole step down? I'm having a hell of a time getting the chords to "One by One" just right...
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This thread tells me he used standard on everything besides Damned in Black and Sons of Northern Darkness, where he tuned to D.

Also: treble all the way up = never fails.
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Quote by we_built_a_tree
Also: treble all the way up = never fails.

and on top of that, bass and mid all the way down and gain all the way up too. that is the ultimate black metal tone right there. also, if you cover your equipment in goats' blood the tone will be even better, though be careful not to get it on the electronics.

also, this might help
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