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I have the same problem sort of also. Just try to loosen up and not think about it. I think this problem also stems from excessive anchoring on the guitar so try to lift your hand off the guitar a bit. Getting rid of bad habits like this can be really difficult though. I recommend trying to play more from your fingers. Start slowly with a metronome and practice until you can do it pretty fast and then you might be able to "fuse" the two techniques together. Or something.
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Hey champ,

Your question would be much better answered in the Guitar Techniques forum - there are some brilliant musicians there who would be more than happy to help.

To give you a quick answer now though, one immediate thing I noticed is that your thumb tended to move a lot at its joint. This may be creating some fatigue and inaccuracies, as well as directing your energy somewhere it's not going to do much good, whilst also diverting effort from your wrist. Try to hold your pick just that little firmer between the thumb and index (without tensing at all) and try not to allow your thumb to wriggle around so much - this will keep the pick and your physical effort focused.

I won't go into reducing tension and the like, because the GT users will absolutely clarify all of that for you.

All the best,

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i had only played in some few months but anyway you could try using som scales and just practice on them up and down with you pick faster and faster dont get angry if iam total wrong