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Hello all, I have trolled this site for a while self-teaching myself for about a year on and off. I really want to learn to play guitar, but always seem to just "stop" for what ever reason, then try and pick it up a month later etc. etc. I'm sure everyone's done this with something they wanted to do...unless I'm the only bum that can't seem to fully dedicate myself. Anyways...I want lessons, but with my hectic work schedule I honestly don't have the time to go anywhere. I have looked online and it seems the best "teacher at home" seems to bee "Learn & Master Guitar" have any of you had experience with this? Have any of you actually learned to play guitar fully with only this "DVD Instructor" or if there is anything that is better DVD/Book wise that will teach me please steer me in that direction.

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Check out this thread. At the bottom of the first post (which is full of useful information), there is a list of free guitar lessons.

Also, just looking around the Guitar Techniques Forum may help you some.

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