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So, my band wants to sound like attack!attack! asking alexandria, ya know, synth-y metalcore/hardcore stuff. im a complete and total idiot when it comes to writing cool synth parts so keep in mind theyre probably gonna suck. and as for now the song is unfinished so i need some help as to what to do
feel free to shoot down, verbally molest, and just hate on every part of this as it seems a lot of people dont like this style, personally i do, but your opinoin is valid no matter what.
all help appreciated, c4c, w4w, anything you want
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Crit'ing as I go...

Intro: Ah I see, drop B... not my kind of tuning, but it does add to the hardcore element so... good.
-I don't think the synth is as bad as you think I think it is. It has a hook to it; which is good.
-Good reverse cymbal effect. I like it.
-lol @ the drum kit. It fits well, it just sounds very electronic style
bar 13: The 16th note hihats are just right, but I feel like this needs a bit more action in the bass; maybe thats just me.
bar 25: transition is very "hardcore" I personally think its great.
bar 26: Maybe you could have though of a lengthier synth part for here? idk maybe you were going for that effect with the staccato synth part.
bars 27, 29, etc: drums here could use extra kicks in between, unless you were going for that gap feeling. (also, Protip: try adding an extra cymbal right before the next one and tie it to the last one, then it won't cut off and sound weird.)
bar 34: interesting use of dissonance; also the ocarina track puts a fitting atmosphere on it.
bar 38: Getting too much more stale here i believe
bar 42: alright transition, decent riff.
45: good use of high toms, good job
53: good use of chainsaw style kick pedal
glad you are keeping somewhat of a chordal progression in the riff. I can smell it.
63: not too keen on this transition. could use work.
Following synth part is decent, not too bad.

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