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This is another piece continuing in the same vein as , and . Descriptions can be found in these links, they are more or less also fitting to this piece here. This one features shared melodies, and very direct drumming accentuating even more as before. Special influences I didn´t mention before include Kelly Bailey. Also, there are 2 cellos playing in this one, I just wrote them out in the same sheet, a personal preference.

This is not intended for RSE, so please listen to it with RSE off.

I hope you have a good time listening to this.

I will c4c, the more you write, the more I write.
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is totally awesome
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hey man, gave it a listen!

It's not really my thing to be straight with you.

The chords seem out of place and in some cases just wrong. Even the rhythm is a bit dodge. The song is also too repetitive for me personally. Don't take this the wrong way I'm just trying to give you a honest crit on how I feel on the piece.

And again, I gotta emphasis that I don't really listen to this type of music so maybe I'm wrong. It's just how I feel.
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So, honestly, I have no idea how to crit this, cause it's a genre I've never heard before really and I really don't even know what I think of it, lmao.

All I can really say is that is all does fit together and flow well, everything smooth. And your jazzy chords all the time are sexy.

Thanks for the crit on my piece and I'm seriously sorry I cannot return the favor much at all. ><
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Please check it out? ;D

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Music genre name was so intresting that I got to listen to this piece!

Well pretty.. "intresting" stuff. I don't know really where to begin, since I'm not used to crit music like.. this ;D!

Lets start about start. First three bars had very epic feeling.. But then it started to go little bit random. With all intstruments it really sounded pretty freaky. However i understand this kind of music so I'm not saying that this sucks. It's a bit diffrent music. Part B sounded like evil . Game music. I think part C was actually best of these.