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This is an exerpt of the score I am currently writing for an futuristic "western noire", as the director called it. It´s basically "Once upon a time in the west" in a post-apocalyptic russia. This little bit contains the main theme as well as the motif for one of the main characters (A). Please be aware that this is the stripped version, GP does not support all the orchestra, samples and synthesis I am working with.

This is not intended for RSE, and should not be listened with RSE on.

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Crit'ing as I go:

Bar 1: I like the use of the 3/4 time, and also timpani, it is quite dramatic, while also managing to be somewhat soft and reserved.

5-7: Nice resolution.
8: Like the timpani roll.
15-16: I like these two bars in particular

Section C is a good change, introducing the 8th notes to the music box part. The accompaniment here is quite nice.

Overall, I thought it was pretty good, it would definitely sound nice on a soundtrack, I would enjoy hearing the final copy with the full orchestral sound. The subtle tempo changes were well placed, although I hope there is a bit more variation among the soundtrack as a whole.

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