This is SWEET.

I'm still listening, so I'll make more comments later. But honestly, just first glance and first listens say a lot about it already. The riffs are really comfortable but still very, very original. The key uses and changes are ridiculous!
Some songs are brutal, others are pretty. Love the contrast. Many people don't have any at all (coughcough attackattack coughsuckcough) And I own both albums.
The synths are so catchy and really bring out the tension in the heavy songs for sure. My Eyes Are Bleeding is crazy.
And just the textures period, namely the drums instrumentally and time signature and tempo changes are genius.

I give this a solid 8.8. No doubt.

I'll make criticisms after if you don't mind. But I mean every word of the above.
Wow, these songs are absolutely mind-blowing, so glad I downloaded. I could learn a thing or two from these.

Anyways, I think I'll just crit At the Bottom of the Well.

Intro: The riffs are very nice and crisp, not generic as far as I can tell, I don't really listen to stuff with blast beats, but this one fits, while I do question the use of the ride bell (I do suppose it's unique )

Good transition, I als olike that you included the vocals.

Bar 30: nice little slip on the drums.
Verse IB: I really like these riffs, drums are pretty good, I like the melody that comes halfway in, relatively simple but quite entertaining.
Transexion: Oh wow doing the main motif from before, clean is a fantastic idea.

Chorous: Verrry good, has good qualities of a chorus, added in vocals, piano, highly energetic.
Bar 67: Freakin' schweet.
Pre-Verse, Verse: Love the chord choice, very good. I like how layered it gets to lead into another chorus.

Chorus over PianER: Great idea. Fantastic.

Bar 140 needs work, actually. Either that, or I actually think if you got rid of it it would be a good transition, to be honest.

Yeah, now that I listen to it, the elimination of bar 140 would be great.

For the most part, great solo/solo section.

Excellent piano outro.

Overall, nearly flawless songs, these need to be recorded, pronto! I need to hear them!!

C4C @ https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=26093401

I would prefer if you crit'ed Synder (or maybe more than one, if you're feeling generous )
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Criticism time!

I'm not going to go song-by-song. I'll ramble too much that way. Rather, instrument by instrument for the most part.

The friggin' SWEET stuff:

- The vocals fit flawlessly every song. It was very musical, performable, and catchy. I sat here free-handing some words just humming along and stuff. It was great.
- Drums rocked every song. I don't know what your primary instrument, if any is, but they were also very musical and performable: something almost every song I've ever critiqued has lacked in one way or the other. Great job. That little effect at the end of Give Me a Reason had me double take like 6 times. Lol
- Synth and secondary instruments blended like butter. Honestly made some of the songs it might have broken without, and then made them well. Measure 61 in Perfect Attendance is a great example: was perfect and made the song. Because the song to me was not that great before. I love the Breakdownish riff, but besides that it was in no way bad, but also not spectacular.

"My Eyes Are Bleeding" gets a special note. Its epic. On all levels. I really, really loved this one. The part before the bridge and the bridge are tremolo picking parts, which I find boring, but thats my taste. Besides that, I find this song close to flawless. It built up so many times, not just at the end and had so many catchy parts. The 5/8 was awesome! People usually use new meters, but make them so jumpy and glitchy-sounding that it ruins the whole point and fun of music. You have to be different but still human, and you did that exceptionally with this song.

"Mostly Me" is up there too. If I had to pick one off the album that was a single, I would have picked this one or Eyes, but this is more 'radio friendly' if you don't mind me saying. The ending was so quaint, but it makes it so intense. This is echoed in "Down This Road Again". I don't know if you stumbled upon that idea during the writing or what, but the whole song rocked and that little detail topped it for me.

I actually thought your picks for a single were way off. No offense at all. I don't know what you were going for by choosing them so you could be right as well. But the songs you chose were to my least favorite on the album, no non-conformistism intended. Although Verse IIA in "Well" is sick, as well as the chorus.

Back to instruments.

- The guitars are great. And the bass follows and makes little effects that rock. My biggest complaint on the album is the constant solo sections. This makes me think you are a guitar player. I am. And maybe because I don't like solos that much, but I found that element of every song very draining. I recommend you pick your favorite 2 or 3 and replace the rest. However, I know saying that is a big deal, and that you are very proud of your solos probably (you should be; they were great!) but the fact that there were so many of them was really too much for me. I expected it and waited for them to end until what I feel are better parts came back.

You just got an infamous ASJerrell review! I always write so friggin much.

Anyhoo, after listening. It rounds to victorious 9. I only had one real complaint. Besides that, this was a great listen.
I won't crit this because the only thing that came to my head after listening to it was "****ing Amazing". Seriously, I demanda that you RECORD THIS.

Ando no, I dont want C4C. Thank you very much for sharing this. Sure showed me that this kind of music isn't doomed.
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try anything form avenged sevenfold

I lol'ed.

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inb4 everyone else, well played
The riffs were really good but you overused one chord progression.


I'm not sure what it would be called I'm theory terms but I think I that progression (and it's variations) 3 or 4 songs, particularily during the intro's
Y'all don't say that
you know the human abstract has a new album coming out already right? you didnt have to go out of your way and write this for them =)
but seriously one song in and [ITSNOTABADTHINGATALL] but i could hear a very overpowering likeness to their music and i LOVED IT

by the second song i realized, it sounds more like between the buried and me, and that just made me like it even more man, your just missing constant over the top drums lol!

the third song was a little boring and lame in my opinoin, but like all albums, you cant like everything always

fourth- by here im realizing how cool your ear for music is, and i love what you do in the backgrounds to really make it different, and i really like your heavy riffs ALOT and overall this song just kicked ass

fifth - this is the song so far ive found most listenable, i havent skipped a single repeated verse or anything, its just perfect. an thats all i have to say about it dude =)

sixth - i really like the building at the beginning, its pleasant. the crossover also sounds really cool. the solo was just =D,,, great. another one where i didnt feel the urge to skip forward to hear new stuff

seventh - sounds like an 80s balad from the start, thats a =) in my book. the drums were my favorite part of this, they really stuck out to me as extra good. at some points it reminded me of heavy final fantasy music, in a good way haha

eighth - YES HEAVY. but it was kinda repatative to me a lot, found myself skipping again and again =/

ninth and final - the intro? well it was super heavy and awesome anyway haha

i would love to know your influences for this as youve got some really awesome music written here buddy
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Dude this is seriously amazing! I only listened to the first song, and the bottom of the well song, but they sounded BADASS!

The Count to Infinity: I loved the piano intro, and like the above poster said, it really does remind me of The Human Abstract, which is awesome! My favorite part was the circus-y sounding part near the beginning haha.

At the bottom of the well sounded so cool, I really loved it and have no complaints about it, the vocals that you tabbed out sounded spot on too, I can totally picture how this song would sound fully recorded, and I'm loving it!

Seriously man, this is genious from what I have heard so far, and I really hope you find the time and means to record this, because this is too good to remain just a midi album!

If you could crit my new song that would be sweet man!
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The riffs were really good but you overused one chord progression.


I'm not sure what it would be called I'm theory terms but I think I that progression (and it's variations) 3 or 4 songs, particularly during the intros

This is true actually. Sometimes it was transposed but it was still the same progression.

I've s=listened to and commented on most of these songs before so I just thought I'd say this is some nice work and this is exactly what modern metalcore should be. A much more progressive approach that allows the writer to escape from the inherently generic nature of the music and create something amazing and engaging. Well done.

On a side note I'm not sure you could justify the tuning you have used in most of these songs. You've tried so hard to steer clear of being generic that you've decided the open low string is off bounds, so you barely use it. Most of these songs would probably be easier to play if you changed the tuning and transposed them so the lowest note used in the song became an open note.
Also I think the two songs you singled out for listening were just about the worse too, thought you made an odd choice there.
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I really liked all of the songs, the only suggestion I have is that you make the end of the "Introduction" a bit softer, it felt a little too heavy for the rest of the songs, however, that's just my opinion
I hate that I haven't been able to return the critiques on this post yet, but my Laptop's motherboard is screwed, so I really can't until I get it replaced. Private message me these or new files to critique and I'll do them as soon as my laptop is up and running again.
I just posted up a bonus content disc with the album in the first post if you want to check it out.
Thank you for telling me what the "singles" were because I don't have time to listen to all of these at once.
Yeah. In retrospect, JCA, I don't know if I would select the singles that I did... But they are kinda musical summaries in their own ways to what this piece had to offer kinda. But I would probably do something like "The Count to Infinity" and "Mostly Me." Not too sure if you ever got around to listening to the rest of them, but check those out, too, if you haven't already. May be something you might enjoy.