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I give you my first EP! Some of you may have heard some of, if not all, of the tracks on here, but the album is about a year in the making.

Personally, I'm really proud of it, but I'll leave it up to the masses.

C4C, the bigger yours, the bigger mine. And if I forgot to give you a crit on one of my last songs, send me a message or discreetly add it into your crit to remind me and I'll get to it.

I recommend listening with headphones on at a high volume. MIDI as well.


Track listing:

1. Intro (1:12)
2. Defining a Heavenly Body (6:50)
3. Taste the Dawn (6:59)
4. Dead Bird (4:50)
5. A God Given Body (5:38)
6. [Cloud 9] (4:57)

Total Time = 30:25:80
When Music's Future Precedes It's Past EP (GP5).zip
When Music's Future Precedes It's Past EP (GP4).zip
When Music's Future Precedes It's Past EP (MIDI).zip
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Reposted from the the Taste the Dawn thread in case you didnt see my input:

I can find like nothing wrong with your song haha (not like theres supposed to be). The only real complaint youll hear from me it that the guitar solo at bar 129 could possibly be spiced up. Its got some golden parts in it (137-142), but I dont really like the triplets in bar 131 and the one in bar 132, I think its because they played the same pattern. Also, I think there could have been a better end to the solo, it felt like a letdown when it ended to be honest, maybe have just one more phrase/melody/run/lick/whatever.

Also, another thing, you may disagree completely, but I dont like the half step/chromatic (?) shift from bar 162 to 163 and then to bar 164. This is just my opinion though, Ive never really been a fan of those.

Next, New Melodia sounds kinda like a step in the wrong direction from the previous section, getting rid of that riff was okay, but I think a lead line could have been used overtop to make it a little more interesting, especially because that tapped clean guitar part continues into the next section as well.

And I just want to say that that main melody was amazing, it ties for the one in Defining A Heavily Body haha although its hard to beat that one...

So overall, yeah Id hate to waste your time and go on a section by section review that just reads like "Oh, this section was nice. Then the next section was sweet!"...and so on. So I tried to be a little helpful, hopefully youll still listen to input on this song.

As for all the other songs, Ive heard all of them before and theyre still great! If you want to make it as an EP feel more connected, try adding some interesting segues from song to song though.

Now I know youre busy and all that, but I'd love to know what you think about any of the songs in my sig, so if you ever have time, Id love to hear from you.
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1. Intro (1:12)
CRIT: Nice intro, I really liked it. It's a good way to open an album. To me, it gives a taste of whats to come without narrowing my the mind to expect what to come.

2. Defining a Heavenly Body (6:50)
I can see the djent inspiration in this song, but at the same time theres a lot of impressions I can't really define or associate to something - good going there. It's an extremely melodic song, and even with all the different timesigs it flows withouth any problems. Some of the drumbeats weren't what I'd expected, perhaps preferred, but they weren't in any case bad. Just, as mentioned, unexpected.

3. Taste the Dawn (6:59)
Not too fond of the first part of this song. The melody in the start is really pretty, but the rythm guitars doesnt do it justice, in my opinion. When it turns kind of djenty, the sort of Las Vegas melody leads it real nice (if Las Vegas is the right term). As with the previous track, it's very melodic. Problem is though, I cincerely do not appreciate the drumming in several places. With all respect, you are a fantastic musician, but some of the parts in this song deserves to have better drumpatterns.

The key change is nice, but I was thinking - is it necessary? To me, the song could've ended right before it. The song in its whole's got, to me, a jazzy feel, and it's well written. Layers part was nice.

4. Dead Bird (4:50)
This song threw me off. Started, in my opinion, really good. Then, some effect on of the rythm guitars or something completely threw me off. The song is tremendously well written, obviously, but my musical understanding (and interest) isn't anywhere near to being able to appreciate this pice truly. It flows real nicely, no hiccups.

All in all, you are a seriously accomplished musician. Really. Are you going to have vocals included if/when you record this?

I know my music is far off this, but would've been nice with some feedback.
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Prepare for my crit!

Intro: Very good intro for EP! Maybe little bit short. I couldn't get inside the song yet. Beautiful rhythm/melody line. Nothing special, anyway. Choir/strings spiced it up. Cool bass fill ;D!

First actual song, Defining a Heavenly Body:

Nice orchesteral start, acoustic guitar and clean guitar spiced it up perfectly. Piano was pretty beautiful. Piano as solo works good for start. Song start was powerfull and very good. when instruments are in there will be polyfonic chaos. Sounds awesome! Lead guitar was good with reverb effect. Bass goes pretty wild huh xD! Should try to play that on bass! Clean interlude: I think this comes way too early. There should have been metal before this. Legend of zelda and industrial break was cool, ofc I wont forget your jumping bass. Shit->FAN part was good. Really changes song again . But it fades again.. Now back to chill. And older parts. On the solo part there was no actual solo. This dissapointed me. I was exepting some Tosin Abasi soloes ;D! Song goes pretty much the same line till end. This song was pretty changing. I think with more work you would have done 12min song from this. Since I think most of changes come really out from nothing. I didn't have much time to feel the groove of your riffs/melodies since riff/melody changes too often. However, nice stuff ! 8/10

Taste the Dawn:

Intro had pretty chilly feeling in it. Guitars sounded a bit too happy for me, dunno. Verse/main melody.. Whoa! This is good stuff man. Bridge has some really nice groove huh. Stop --> good parts and nice solo! Key change was not really excepted. Like this change. It didn't progress into any new form, it just changed . New melody and everything. Got to mention about this songs drum work.. Better than in first actual song. 205- Jesus, madness . 1billion layers. Gratz from ending. Very good ending! 9/10

I'm sorry. I have school early tomorrow, I got to go sleep. Nice music, maybe I can crit rest of songs later !
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Your still is probably some of the coolest stuff Ive heard in a long time.

I can't tear it apart other than the fact that some parts repeat too often, although this is more of an ambient style and its to be expected.

But all I can say is that this is really awesome stuff that fits together very nicely on an album. What style did you call this again? Ambidjent with some Djazz?
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Thanks for the comments guys

@Mr. Mustard: You caught me I was planning on doing nice orchestral/ambient segue's between songs to make them all "one" song. And I'll return your crit soon.

@Christopher: Which parts have bad drumming? I find it interesting you say that, cause you're really the only one I've heard say that about my newer stuff. I'm glad you liked the songs though. Makes me happy I'll get to your crit soon, as well.

@xbitmetal: The intro is more of a "live" intro than anything else. I can guarantee you that it'll have power when I record it ;D And thanks for the compliments about the drums in TtD... it was written about a year after DaHB, so I'd hope the drums were better! Thanks for the crit

@Life is de Br00tz: yeah, Ambidjent with some Djazz Fits, eh? Thanks man!

I do plan on recording this stuff eventually. I have some recording time I'm gonna go to sometime... Probably record DaHB or TtD first.
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DF; Some of the transitions weren't as flowing as I'd hoped. As I said, it's not in any way bad. More like so different from what I would have done that I kinda reacted in a negative manner, you know, by instinct. Your music is oozing with quality, and it might just be that the rythm in some of the breaks are too complex. I am myself kind of used to rather complex music (Meshuggah, TesseracT, Periphery, Lamb of God, Combustion), but some of the breaks threw me off. Maybe simplifying it would help? I don't know, really.
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The idea of your music being recorded gives me intense sexual pleasure.

Intro: Not sure what a koto is doing here. It seems at odds with the spaciness of the rest of your work. I'm not sure if there's some conceptual reason for it being there, having a very traditional, earthy sounding instrument opening the album and leading into synthy proggy spaciness makes a kind of sense. But I am slightly confused by it, especially since it – and the melody it's playing – never comes back at any point.

No other complaints. It's lovely. Builds up a lot of excitement very effectively, then drops you straight into Defining a Heavenly Body.

Defining a Heavenly Body: Bloody love this piece. I've attempted unsuccessfully to rip it off several times, that's how much I love it. It's very unpredictable and musically interesting because of its complexity, but its real strong point is the two incredibly memorable melodies that keep coming back in various forms. The first melody always reminds me of Ride of the Valkyries, oddly enough. I particularly love when the C# Phrygian melody comes back, with the ending changed to a pentatonic thing to fit in with the chord progression, before overlapping in an almost canonic way. Brilliant piece, with a fantastic haunting atmosphere.

Taste the Dawn: Thoroughly lovely. Extremely well written, lots of tasteful fusiony soloing, and a brilliant – if confusing – main melody. I think I've critted this before, the only update is that I love the ending, it builds up to a very beautiful soundscape.

Dead Bird: Very good, but probably my least favourite on the EP. There are great musical ideas in it, but the structure is a bit less tasteful, and slightly incoherent. Which is fair enough, I think it's the first on the EP to have been written, your composition ability has improved quite a lot since then I think. I did really like it though, it has a sort of quirkiness in the dissonant or chromatic bits that the other songs don't really have. The melody in the chorus, and the djenty riffing in the bridge and the instrumental break were highlights. And I love the vibrato on the rhodes, just for its oddness.

A God Given Body: Extremely good. Dead Bird transitions into this perfectly. Also, I love the guitar riff in the first two bars of the first verse. This piece starts off quite nostalgic, but what with the chord progressions that never really seem to resolve, and the subdued sections, and the dissonant rhodes theme, it gradually builds up quite a lot of tension, which never completely gets released.

Cloud 9: Ooh. That was the first time one track hasn't flowed into the next one entirely smoothly. Too much of a difference in mood IMO, the end of A God Given Body still has a bit of tension, whereas this is suddenly lovely and mellow. If you're going to have any sort of between-song ambient meandering, here would be a good place to put it. Or, since the end of A God Given Body and the start of Cloud 9 are both in 7/8 with sort of similar rhythms, maybe you could come up with a gradual, smooth, seamless transition of some sort.

It's not THAT bad, it's something you could easily ignore, I'm just nitpicking because there aren't any more important problems for me to criticise.

Cloud 9 itself I love. The highlights are the jazzy chord progressions and variations on the tapping theme. It's the most tasteful and restrained song on the EP, and feels very resolved, so a good choice for a final track.

Overall I love it like another man might love his religion or his wife. My favourites were Defining a Heavenly Body, Taste the Dawn and Cloud 9. Record it immediately.

EDIT: OR, maybe put AGGB before Dead Bird? Dead Bird is quite a heavy cluster**** of a song, so it could be a perfect release of the tension that AGGB builds up. Not sure how well that would work with your idea of how the EP will play out, but it's an idea.
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Thanks for the feedback man.

About the Intro... I had the Koto purely for tone layering purposed. I never noticed how much it stood out until you mentioned it. I'm gonna have to go find a better suit for it, now I have an idea that I'm gonna go ahead and try.

As for AGGB to [Cloud 9], yeah, there was going to be some ambient noodling between the two to transition it smoother. I was probably gonna put a bit between each song just so it can be like one long song, y'know?

Defining: Is that where you got the idea for a repeated motif? I jest, I jest.

Dead Bird: yeah, this was the first song I wrote. I find it funny you mention that I've grown a lot cause the order of creation was "Dead Bird", "Defining", AGGB", "[Cloud 9]", "TtD" with "Intro" somewhere in there

To help you climax I'll go ahead and tell you I'll probably be performing the best of these live sometime in the coming years with an old member of the T&C
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Hey man! I've actually followed you around a bit before the EP came out, heard all the songs individually. Dead Bird and TtD are favorites, even in midi form; your writing is superb. How do you write stuff like this? Does theory play a big part? Do you hit random notes and come up with ideas and themes from there?
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Quote by Fool's Paradise
Hey man! I've actually followed you around a bit before the EP came out, heard all the songs individually. Dead Bird and TtD are favorites, even in midi form; your writing is superb. How do you write stuff like this? Does theory play a big part? Do you hit random notes and come up with ideas and themes from there?

I usually get a chord progression before anything. Theory plays a kind of big role. I could use it to write everything if i wanted, but I don't. Some of the fun is just listening and hearing melodies and stuff in my head before I play them!

Thank you for listening
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Edit: I was going to have you crit a few short pieces, but I just took those down. So, here's a complete version of one I posted awhile back when it was in progress. If I owe you one for this crit, Ill crit another of yours.

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I wasn't a big fan of the solos in most of the pieces. I did however like the lead and the solo in Taste the Dawn though. The key changes during the solo were pretty cool. The key change for the end section seemed a little sketchy at first but once more things started coming in and you expanded some, I enjoyed it. Quite a few parts in this piece reminded me of The Lost Woods :3

I had previously listened to AGGB, Dead Bird, and DHB. The two relating to bodies are my favorite pieces so far. Still have to listen more and really absorb the new pieces before I get a good feel for them. The intro worked well and served its' purpose.

Listening to Cloud 9 now. Not sure yet what exactly it is about this piece, but it's my least favorite out of all of them. It just didn't resonate with me.

Overall, I quite enjoyed it. You generally do a good job at creating a unique/interesting atmosphere and there are some very interesting ideas being employed.

Oh, and your instrument color schemes are very nice.

No return crit necessary.
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One thing I noticed about the whole EP is the good balance of heaviness and calmness.

Intro: Great intro. After listening to the whole EP, I think of this track as a teaser of the sound of the EP. Love the feel of the whole intro, very calming and heavy. Also love bars 10-16 where the splash cymbal goes to upbeat.

Defining a Heavenly Body: The intro is really calming, making the listener unaware of what's coming up which is good for me. Love the piano interlude BTW. As a whole, this song is very melodic while still having the heavy feel of djent and death. One thing I would suggest is to trim the song a little bit. There are sections which are repetitive such as bars 155-186 before the Phrygian melody starts. Other than that, I love the song. Hauntingly beautiful.

Taste of Dawn: At first, I liked the intro. It starts out as very peaceful with the help of the delay and the sound of the harmonics, then came the drums which IMO is too harsh to the mood created by the guitar. Then the keyboard enters. I like the sound it added and it kind of reminded me of Porcupine Tree. Not too fond of the djent rhythm at bars 33-40 but loved 41-48. I would've trimmed the djent part and go straight to bar 41 but that's just my opinion. Love everything after that especially the key change section. Then comes the EPIC outro which is really good. It made me wonder why you didn't put this track last.

Dead Bird: I like the title The intro's heavy and feels chaotic then comes the chorus that shifts into a more ambient mood. That's what I like about the whole EP. The changes of the mood are the highlight of the tracks. Nothing to say about this track except it's very well written and very technical. I also love the solo one section. Very experimental.

A God Given Body: Nice transition from Dead Bird and heavier than the previous track. Still very technical and melodic with interesting riffs. Though the riffs felt like they come and go very quickly. Love those dissonant chords and the groove. Still like it though probably my least favorite.

Cloud 9: Now I know why you didn't put Taste of Dawn last. THIS. Jazzy and cool would be my impression to this song. It feels like the exact opposite of A God Given Body with melodic and less heavy mood. The highlight of this song is definitely the bigass outro.

Very good EP. My favorites were Defining a Heavenly Body, Taste of Dawn and Cloud 9. Though I thought some songs were a little longer than it should be, I really liked the melodies and riffs that make up for it. 9/10
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The Taste of Dawn

Intro is sick, enough said. From the clean delay into the drums into the keyboard into the bass line and then further into the guitar it's awesome. Everything stacks perfectly. I like the main riff/melody a lot, although i wish it went longer before you went into the bridge, but that's not to say anything is wrong with the bridge. Awesome work with the drums and those ghost notes. "Stop" is incredible but i would have liked the crash cymbal to stay on tempo instead of halved when you come in with the solo, or maybe just switch to half a little later. "Key change" sounds alright but something's a little cheesy about the clean guitars that I can't put a finger on. Beautifully orchestrated but maybe a little too "inspirational" sounding or something. It sounds amazing when you return to the main melody though, I ****ing love when a riff is returned to but played in a different key. At this point the cheesiness is lost and it's back to full-blown awesome throughout the rest of the song. Lead riffs were exactly what they needed to be and added a layer to the song as opposed to overpowering it, which is hard to do.

Overall, definitely a 5 outta 5