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Hi there,
this is my most complex tab as far, it's actually first one where i was able to put more than 2 parts together... the intro was written in quite a sad mood and i dont know whether i should rather stick to that or try to continue in the mood of the chorus... also drums and bass tracks are rather scarcely present as i put them only where i knew exactly what i wanted from them. And the part after chorus is almost surely going to be changed, but i haven't come up with anything yet...
that much for excuses, now i expose myself to yours (hopefully helpfull and constructive ) criticism


(as for the name of the tab it means something like "sob" in czech)
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yes it sounds somewhat like maiden. You should change the way drums and bass come in because it is a tad too generic. Maybe play the intro rhythm guitar parts on bass and then the rhythm guitar can come in after a few bars playing the chords over the bassline.
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I liked it, i mean it definately needs to be finished in terms of bass and drums and there should be more at the end, like another chorus and an outro and stuff. Other than that its a pretty good song and id love to hear the final product
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