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I though it was cool, but those octaves in bar 22-24 sounds horrible.
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I could see this being popular.

Having said that, it felt really uninspired. Like....REALLY uninspired. It never took any turns, it was just...there. Pretty bland to be honest, but this seems to be what a lot of people are into right now.
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All I can say is the intro is on the right track, but the rest.. I'm not quite sure what you could do to fix it up, it's pretty good as it is though :p
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that harmony part kind sucks, agree on that. but its alright. sounds uninspired like same poster said. its not like bad... its just like.. you are settling for mediocre parts to your songs while you have some good ones so they drag the good ones down if that makes sense. just come up with tighter stuff. breakdowns were mean though.