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Hello U-G!

This is my new song and it's mainly Melodic Death Metal with mostly Kalmah influence, but also has Equilibrium, Ensiferum and Opeth influences. Opeth was the main influence on the soft parts, while Equilibrium and Ensiferum influenced the more folkish parts of the song, the rest was mainly Kalmah! I'm quite proud of this song, but I'm bound to like it since it's my creation, this is why I want you guys' opinions! Please give in-depth critiques and not just "iz awesome" or "meh" or something like that! I shall then return the favor by reviewing one of your songs in-depth!

PS: Preferably listen on gp6, but incase you don't have it, make sure on gp5 RSE is turned off, and excuse the fact that gp5 makes alot of the parts sound like garbage compared to gp6.
The Era of Eternal
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meh, iz awesum.
nah but really, i really liked how you built up your song and how it really felt like i was witnessing an epic story of an epic battle in its entirety.
things i liked
-how you really built all your themes and developed them to have their own sense of whta theyre supposed to do
-how each individual part could stand on its own very well
-and i really really liked the way it wasnt just a song, it was really an experiance, im definitley going to save this and listen to it again and again =)
things i didnt like
-the way each part was kindof introduced on just a single instrement each time and just build, mabey not everytime but you sure seemed to do it a lot, a little is good but too much can get obnoxious.
-you had the same hihathihat snare hihathihat bass drum beat the WHOLE song. that needs to be reworked badly, but its an easy fix
-some parts felt as if the melody should be kept the same but you should change key [see parallel and relative minor/major] doing a bit of that here and there could help your song greatly, as well as things like half step key changes, they'll help build up the character of such a long and epic song.

overall its a great song, just a couple more or less like, executional changes to it but what you have is amazing =)
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Hey thanks alot man! Our current drummer can't yet play complex stuff so for now I have to stick to the basic format of hathatsnare etc. I have written songs with more complex drumming (due to this he can't play them), and I feel that this song would be better with some double kick but until our drummer gets the hang of that I'll have to stick with this kind of stuff. I will definitely try to incorporate your idea of half step key changes, I dearly thank you for giving me that idea, I can already imagine some of the melodies progressed into different keys!
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That was... something. Not great though. Too long for it's own good, and really same sounding throughout. I'm not a fan of folk metal like Equilibrium and shit, because it all sounds the same, so bear with me. Aside from that it's "folk" metal, though, it reminds me a lot of my first songs with one of my friends when we had a band: really simple, but tried to be epic/adventurous.

First things first, I don't give a damn if your drummer cant play complex stuff. Either get a better one, or write more complex stuff. Dont write down to his level, cause then he'll never get better. The whole damn song is the same beat. And it's an annoying beat. Even just do the ****ing Burzum beat throughout the whole song for all I care, that would be better than what's there now. [That is, Bass on 1/3, and snare on 2/4 or something of that nature, with open eighth note hihat hits, or even just quarter notes. Everyone can do that. Even me, and I dont play drums] Also, the song is in DIRE need of some double bass and some blastbeats. And again, blast beats aren't hard. At all. Good and consistent ones, maybe, but again, it doesnt have to be great. It can just be Burzum/Darkthrone style blasts, and it'd be just fine.

Second, all if it on the dirty guitars is so... clean and happy. Simplistic, really. You have these expressive acoustic bits, like Chapter III intro, and Chapter II's intro, and "The battle is lost" but then the mood/tonality of them is lost in the standard "folk" riffs. There could be some nice simple drums on some of those too, like Chapter III's intro.

Moreover, the structure is dull. It's really, really predictable, and the simplicity in the riffs doesn't help. Mostly, because they all have the same rhythm, and the same type of tone. This song could easily have at least a third of it cut out completely and not miss it. In fact, it'd probably be better. For instance, the whole third chapter except for the acoustic bit. And a few other riffs throughout that don't really do anything/advance the song. Really, the best section of the song was "Overpowered/the battle is lost" because it actually fit the title of the section really well. It was heavy, darker, and slower. Also, some of the riffs are begging for some Thin Lizzy esque dual guitar harmony.

The first solo was ok, I have no qualms there, even though it's pretty much just running up and down a scale a few times, with some held notes in there. The second one though, was pretty horrible. What they both need is LIFE, some personality. Throw in some bends, whammy bar embellishments. Through in some little trills and more interesting rhythmic runs, and above all, they need more MELODY. Either a catchy beginning to them, or a catchy theme that you come back to, or fast stuff INTO a catchy melody that keeps ones attention. Something.

That's all for now, I dont have time to crit more. But improved soloing, less predictable structure, more variation/dynamic riffs and drums would make a world of difference. Also, less goddamn flute. It makes it sound cheesy and lame to me, honestly. It's ok from time to time, in a few more triumphant sections, but should be used sparingly to maximize its impact.
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