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Hey, i'm starting a band soon and just wondered what kinds of things we'd need to consider. We will probably be punk/ pop-punk (like Green Day or Blink-182). It would also be nice for some tips for setting up, getting gigs and getting signed.
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Have fun and don't get ahead of yourselves.
Focus on learning and writing songs you like; that's the best part of being in a band!
Don't worry about gigs, merch, and photo shoots until you absolutely have to.
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Yeah start writing songs for now. I mean there's really no point in setting up to play in a club with no songs right?
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have fun. also don't try to force a style, play with everyone, learn the songs you want to know and then jam. the style will figure itself out.
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Practice to a click
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figure out a couple songs to learn before you get to your first practice. Learn some blink and greenday if that's what your going for, have 2 or 3 songs, have everybody learn them before hand and then once you get to your first practice your not all sitting around looking at each other, you can actually work on playing the pre-determined songs together, and get experience playing together.

Practice generally isn't a great time to actually "write" songs, practice is for just that; practicing. If you write a song, or have an idea for a song, develop it as much as possible on your own and then bring it into the band and work on putting it together.

As far as getting gigs, you need to figure out if your a cover or original band, I always suggest starting out with a 30-45 minute setlist of covers either way, just so you can go play in some bars and open mic nights fairly quickly and get some experience playing live together. Check for "battle of the bands" competitions, bars, coffee houses, anything and everything you can think of where there is live music. Writing some good quality songs is going to take some time and in the mean time you want to be playing somewhere, and that's where the covers come in. Just don't try to mix the two too much, your either a cover band or an original band. The covers in the beginning, if anything, is to just give you some stage experience and getting use to playing together live and in front of an audience.

Don't worry about getting signed right now lol, you have a lot of work a head of you to get the point of being signed. In the mean time, write some killer tunes, and do as much research on promotion and marketing as you can and use that info you learn to better yourself and the band.