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Hi all,
I've recently invested in a Peavey JSX and can safely say im loving it!
I'm currently playing through a Peavey valveking 4x12 and i dont think it's doing it justice compared to when i played through the JSX cab in a shop

I did look at mesa cabs and JSX cabs (JSX cabs are pretty hard to find as it is) but they're both, especially the mesa, pretty expensive haha
I play metal/hardcore music mainly and i just want something that shows off the JSX's clarity
any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

I currently have EL34's installed, but i was thinking of moving to 6L6's ?
could anybody recommend any decent tubes that i could put in because i'm a bit of a noob with them!
bearing in mind i mainly play metal/hardcore, not much solo work but i still want the clarity for clean and lead channels

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this doesn't belong in this forum. it should be posted in GG&A. this forum is for new members to ask questions about how the site works.
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I'd look for a used Orange or used Marshall 1960A 4x12. Should be easy to find and not too expensive either. Any cab with vintage 30 speakers will do well.

As for tubes I prefer EL34s because they give out a nice edge compared to the more rounded sound you get from 6l6s. And if your tubes are working fine and you haven't had your amp long then you really shouldn't change them
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sorry haha!
I only just joined so I'm only just getting the jist of it all