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I have a bunch of spare parts and stuff lying around, and wanted to make a acoustic stomp box, for when I don't have drums. I know a cigar box, piezo and output jack are all I'd need, but why stop there, what else could I piezo up for some foot tapping fun?
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Well, you could make a cigar box guitar. Those are pretty awesome. Other than that, use your imagination, it's really an un-explored territory.
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I don't mean I have excess cigar boxes, though I do. I am more wanting to make a small electric/eclectic food percussion system
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its not a foot tapping device but i think a rain stick with a piezo would be frickin awesome.
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1. take shoes,
2. route a chamber, put in piezo, put in an output jack,
3a. run it to an external box that controls volume/eq/whatever
3b. (optional) if wanted to go even better, add a piezo into that box as well, so you can use it as a stompbox as well, and a toggle switch to change between the 2 inputs

now you have stomp shoes!