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Just finished this after a few hours, it's a pretty short piece but I think I prefer it that way. Any criticism appreciated, particularly in the vocals as they aren't really my strongest point and I can't actually sing very well at all.

EDIT: Extended it slightly and added a solo.
Chasing Synchronicities(Extended).gp5
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Its voodoo-ish, I like it quite a bit. I think Its diffrent. I don't like music that doesn't stick to a scale tho. Its just me, but a lot of people try to break the scale rules rt away. REbels!. but honestly it just ****s them over. Practice the theory way, then when its mastered you can break the rules. Keep up the good work guy.

C4c, its The **** ultimate guitar AD's, the post should still be on the first page.
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Beginning of the song I alright, I enjoy the guitar. I do like the slides. This song reminds me of driving for some reason, I don't know why lol. It is a pretty relaxing song for the most part until guitar number 2 comes in. Way too much symbols (think its symbols?) starting at bar 77 onward. At least tone down the volume on it. The song is alright, although I get a weird vibe from it. I would recommend changing something with the second guitar, at least at bar 68 ad 69, that is the part that I dislike the most from that guitar. The rest is fine I suppose.

Please critic my song?
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Dude, really cool song.

I didn't even realize that the organ melody was intended as a vocal line.
I really like it as an instrumental and I think that a singer would take away a lot.

For this piece there are no words necessary and would take quite a bit away actually. It imo shines as an instrumental. The overdriven break at bar 77 sounds phenomenal with the melody (voice) line over it.

I'm really hard to please musically, but you struck a nerve with me.
It is a quite unusual song, hardly ever heard anything like that before.


P.S.: I just realized that a part from my liking of the song comes from the fact that the Church Organ acting as a voice really adds a sentimental, almost gloomy dimension to it. Some parts remind me of Porcupine Tree, which is awesome.
I would keep it like this.
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