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Hello everyone,
Im new here ^_^

I have one question related to posting your tabs. Didn't found solving in FAQ, and I suck at english so I couldn't put proper search query to get any result (or there wasn't any thread like that perhaps), so I decided to post.

Question is: is this okay to modify other people tabs? Fix their tab mistakes or add any new parts, that were missing in the original tab? In my particular case, I took some tab (Symphony X - Lady of the Snow if you mind), but there was no solos. I tried my best to tab the solo out, and decided to submit it, but im not getting any response since 28 of February - my point is that it would be stupid if I would try to tab whole song again (because the tab I found was correct to me - it just doesn't make sense), so is that okay that I modified another person tab a bit? Will it ever be accepted? I wouldn't mind if accept/refuse counter wasn't nulled. It was 4\0 to accept it, but now its 0\0 and no comments left, whats going on?

Whatever it takes.
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