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Hey guys, I'm uploading another song. If you wanna hear my last tab I recorded its,

I really need drums. I don't play drums, I will be putting a bass part in there. I just wanna hear some comments of what you guys think of it so far. Let me know. Appreciate it =)

I plan to get this one professionally recorded. Hope you guys like it.
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I really can't say much else than I really love the whole song, I would definitely pay to download this song when recorded
One thing you could change for your own convenience though would be bar 30, Track 1 guitar
Change the 3 on the other string to a 0 on the same string as the others, so it would be
10 9 10 0 14 10 15 14

It doesn't sound much different, and it's a lot easier to play :p
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It's pretty catchy dude. Keep it up.
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Being brutally honest, You should try not to sound like a sex-craved teenager in your lyrics. Doesn't come off well.

Also watch your rests, some of them were unneeded and structure the song properly.

On the right track though.
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