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I just wanted to ask around for help from more experienced guitarists regarding fitting new pickups.
I have an Ibanez S570 fitted with 2 passive seymour duncan humbuckers, not sure what model specifically (1 in the neck and one in the bridge) and the stock single coil ibanez pickup in the middle. There is 1 volume and 1 tone control with a 5 way selector switch.
I am looking to fit an EMG 81, SA and 85 in the guitar but only have the pickups along with their white and red wires and no other components such as the pots, battery clip, output jack and selector switch.
Could anybody advise me on what I need to get for this and how i could set it up because EMG support have proved completely useless.

Thank you very much
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This would be better suited for the Electric Guitar forum or the Guitar Gear & Accessories forum.