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This is something I started writing immediately after I came up with the intro on my guitar. It kinda escalated into something really epic, with lots of layers and a real punch to it. It's without a doubt the piece I've written I am most pleased with, and hopefully you guys will enjoy it as well.


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Clarinet used for Vocals.

Hopefully some of you will give me some in depth feedback, cause if anything should be worthy of changing/rebuilding, I'd like to know.

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I really enjoyed it, the one thing that felt out of place for me was the acoustic part, but I don't know... I'm not so much for acoustic guitarness :p
Interlude A and the Outro acoustic thingy was all right, it's the "A" thingy that doesn't sound right to me, I have no idea why.. sorry :<

Also, the intro acoustic guitar part plays a bit too long for my ears as well, it needs a slightly bigger change than what you've got at the moment :p

Again, I'm sorry I'm not good at this whole giving criticism :<
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I see. Well, to be honest, it's a well thought out track. I really knew along along where I wanted to go with it, an to me an acoustic guitar has the ability to deliver the mood I wanted - at least better than a distorted guitar. The idea of the track was to make an epic, and fairly dramatic, mood throughout. TBH, I think I managed that.

Actually, the intro was shorter, but I expanded it. I am of the opposite opinion, you see. I think it needs to be that long to give the "Drama"-part it's contrast. Also, long sections tend to get boring in Guitar Pro - once it is recorded it's gonna be alot better. The second half of the acoustic guitar-only intro is gonna have a different feel (VST/RTAS-inserts/stereowidening).
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Thanks for the crit on mine!
Critting as I listen

Intro: It's pretty cool, nice build up and all and I liked the instrumentation but I felt like I wanted a little more chord variation after the distortion came in. The transition into A is fine, it feels a bit sudden in GP, but I think it's alright
A: Really liked the guitar melody and the vocal melody, and the drums.
Pre-Chorus: Nice section, liked the vocal melody, flowed really nicely into the chorus
Chorus: Really liked the vibe coming from it, great chorus. I think you should put the lead volume up though, there's some really cool lines that don't get noticed very well.
B: Cool
Interlude A: Really nice section, pizzicato strings add a lot here.
Interlude B: Carrying on the feel, it's nice. Liked the transition into the pre-chorus
Bridge A: Works as a good interlude
Bridge B: I liked the feel going on here
Outro: Really nice section to finish on, but I thought it ended too soon actually. I think it'd be better as a simple fade out you know.

Really not much to complain on here, I liked the vibe from the song, the melodies and all. I kinda felt a bit disappointed there wasn't a real climax though. I don't really know if it needs one, there's plenty of good sections in this and there are strong enough moments like the chorus and bridges in the end. Maybe you should vary the last chorus a bit to make it a bit more grand? Nice one though man, get this recorded!