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hey guys, first post here. I have been playing on and off for 7 years and I suck basically. I just cant get solo's down. I have tried to learn alternate picking and sweep picking and stuff and it just seems so difficult. I have mainly been trying to learn Trivium/Bullet/Machine Head stuff. I will give you a list of my equipment also:

B.C Rich Platinum Bich Guitar (6 string, setup for 12 gauge as I mainly play in drop C)
Line 6 Spider III 15W amp
Zoom 404 Guitar pedal

any help is appreciated and if you could point me to some help videos/Books ect that would be awsome too
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Hi Sephy,

the thing about solo's is to understand how they are constructed and how to learn them step by step. I've described that here:***
The other thing you should learn to improve solo skills is do loads of eartraining. The best site i found so far for eartraining is

Good luck!
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If speed is your problem I suggest getting a metronome. Once you're comfortable with a certain tempo you can increase the the speed by increments of 10 bpm. Start easy and slow, then work your way up.