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It seems to be, I've been trying for a while.

It's in 3/4, maybe that's the problem... I'm just not sure what to do, I've made all sorts of triplets, dots, impossibly small notes and so on to try to make it work, but I can't.

If someone could do it, that would be great.

Here it is, the arpeggio is pretty simple to find out, but the notes don't really matter, it's just the rhythm.

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Do you use Guitar pro?

To me, it sounds like turning on the 'triplet-feel' would probably help, maybe give that a go?
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All that is is swung [or triplet] eighths.

Could be tabbed as e se se se etc, or straight eights with a triplet feel of one quarter and one eighth note. whichever.

That may not be perfect, but I guarantee you it's something close to that
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Well I have gotten close, and I have used triplets in 3/4, I just can't get it right and was hoping someone here could.

EDIT: I uploaded a GP5 of as close as I could get, plus the notes, but it's all really strangely notated. The thing is, each chord should take up half of a measure, but I can't get it down to taking up that much in arpeggio form. Normally, it's just 3 8th notes, but breaking them up to an arpeggio almost seems to make it longer, even though it's not...
what the fuuuuuu.gp5
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Yeah the last poster had the right idea with the triplet feel I think. I might be crazy but this sounds nearly identical to Beatles - "Long, Long, Long" so you might want to look at a tab of that for some help lol.

EDIT: Yeah, if you mixed the Bass and Acoustic Guitar parts in "Long, Long, Long" into one track, its pretty much like what you got here lol.
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A random attempt at it, for some reason i got 7/8.. so it's probably wrong :P