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New song I just made over the weekend. I just wanted to make something using a Glockenspiel and then awesome music was made! Has a haunting feel to it, I suppose I'm good at that stuff. The way that it is, is probably finished. I may add more to it, but I think it ends alright and theres not much more to add to it. But anyways, any criticism will be appreciated. As always critic for critic.
Also, if it makes any difference I used headphones will making this song (as with all my other songs). Just saying something because somethings sound different through my computer speakers than through my headphones, at least to me. So use headphones while listening to this I guess? I dunno, just a heads up. Use the RSE by the way, otherwise it won't sound right for the guitar at least.
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Just listened to this while playing Dead Space 2... Man, that was creepy shit :L I like it, especially the glockenspiel adds a nice touch what else is there to say really about it? Sounds like it could be a good backdrop for a horror movie, especially bar 48 onwards I liked it

creeped me the **** out though :L
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Thanks for the crit on my work

I liked the haunting feel you were going for, but i felt like there wasn't anything that stuck to mind. It kind of felt inconsistent. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as it creates this feeling of being lost.

If you decide to change anything, i'd try to least conjure up at least one repetitive part. And personally, i'd change the guitar to a cello - sounds much more haunting. You could even increase the range of the chords which the guitar plays and replace it with a strings section

Overall, good job man.