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This is a song I made ages when I started messing around with the delay effect for guitar on GP. This has lots of breakdowns/key changes/time signature changes and more. I'd say this is pretty interesting, although some parts of better than others, my personal favourite is my "Funk" part of it.

RSE highhhhhly recomended!

( It's still not finished, I'm not sure if I ever will finish it :P )

Crit for Crit! Please tell me what you honestly think x

Unfortunately the file was about 20Kb to big so I had to upload it to megaupload instead... so please click this link to download it.

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That was actually really good. I think you did a really good job blending the sections together and most of them were quite interesting. To be a bit constructive, I must mention that it felt like some parts dragged a bit on, mostly "insane".
Add a black metal section and a yodeller, and I will buy it!

EDIT: Works now!
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